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Holiday Crafting!

Happy Holidays!

For all you crafters out there looking for ideas to decorate your home for the holidays here are some great ideas:   This was an easy wreath I made: wreath You can see how easy it is to make here. Kids love crafting, especially around the holidays. Here are some favorites of mine Craft Christmas Reindeer Learn how to make fun crafts with TP rolls by clicking here. Or Snowflakes dscn4086 These are so easy for you and your child to make. Check it out by clicking here Lets not leave out ideas for decorating your doors for the holidays: 14-rudolph-wreath Check out these great ideas by clicking here Lets not forget decorating with Mason Jars! 8-snow-globe-1 You can check out my post by clicking here Let’s not forget how inexpensive it is to make something special with dollar tree crafts: dscn38931.jpg You can check them out by clicking here Want to learn how to make a Christmas Tree Bow Topper? how-to-tie-a-christmas-bow-in-3-easy-steps-how-to You can make it in 3 easy steps. Click here Need a creative way to give money gifts? You will love this post img_3167 Check this one out here Cranberries crafts can look so beautiful, especially around the holidays, look at these beautiful cranberry crafts 101839473-rendition-largest-ss These cranberry crafts look so festive…just beautiful. Click here to see them. This next post is a wonderful idea I had for gift giving to my friends and neighbors. dscn3952.jpg When you simmer them on the stove, your whole home smells soooo good! Check it out by clicking here. I had so many compliments from my friends on this one. How about your windows? dscn3849-2.jpg Not such a good pic but it really is easy and beautiful. Check it out here The next project I came up with was my Gumdrops n’ Lollipops dscn3692 I really had so much fun making these. Check out how I made them here Remember the fun Holiday Chandelier I made a couple of weeks ago? 20181119_143753.jpg Click here for easy instructions. Here’s some more crafts for kids to make, and give for the holidays: images-15 Kids love to make Reindeer’s, and these ideas are so easy. Check all the ideas out here Remember my easy to make pinecone candle? pine-cone-candle.jpg Very easy to make, check it out by clicking here. Another idea for gift giving is this beautiful idea, Bath Salts; christmas-ornament-bath-salts-bathroom-ideas-christmas-decorations-seasonal-holiday-decor Check out here how to make some Bath Salts for gift giving. If you are shopping for kids, I’m sure you have seen Slime everywhere. Why not make your own? It’s easy, and kids can make it for gift giving to their friends: dscn4198.jpg You can add glitter like we did above. Put in a plastic container (even tupperware) to store. Check out how to make it here I hope I have given you some neat ideas for crafting! I would love to see all your  wonderful holiday decorations! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with so many loving memories! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Remember to enter my huge monthly giveaway! You can enter it a Rafflecopter giveaway “>here daily






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      1. I am so sorry to hear about your respiratory problems Robin, how are you doing now? It doesn’t help with all the allergies out there. I am so sorry honey, hope your feeling better. My doggie, my bestest friend in the world, had cancer surgery. I was such a mess inside, Then I received some bad news. At that point I was on auto pilot.
        My furry best friend in the world is healing fine. His strength helped me through so much last month.
        Thank you so much for asking. I am staying strong. I have drawn up plans to make a headboard and upholster, make a bedside table/vanity/desk, and a table with lots of storage for a friends little boy. That’s all coming up.

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