Trash to Treasure

Headboard Turned What??

I found this old headboard and footboard, behind a bin an alley behind some stores. It looked so trashed but, it had good bones. 
This may have been a nice bed at one time, but it had so many holes in the front of headboard, you could tell it had a lot of wear. 
I knew instantly what I was going to do with it….A bench! Gotta try.
I have another old set in garage, but I liked the cut outs on this one.

It was one lucky day for me! I like to check out behind the stores in the alley. I always ‘find’ something by the large trash bins.
I have been wanting to do this type of repurpose for a long time. I liked this headboard because of the cut outs on the top, I thought made it more interesting.
The first step was to clean the headboard and footboard. I used left over Rustoleum Furniture Transformations Deglosser.
The next step was to use Zinsser Ready Patch (love this product) on all the holes, dents, and dings. I would normally use a wood filler, but I used this because I knew I was going to be painting it. (You can see in second pic how much needed filling) 
After figuring the depth I wanted for the bench, I cut down the footboard from both sides of footboard. I screwed them in.

I added a board in the front and in the back of of the headboard.
I then made a recess cut into each side of the 4 boards edge of the pieces of wood to support top boards.
I then cut 6 boards for the top. I more board running across the front, so last top board sits atop.  
I used Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra cover in the Satin Nutmeg, love the depth of this color.
For the seat, I used Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover black Paint, and the top front.
I used Rustoleum Triple Thick Poly on the whole project to seal and to add that pretty shine to the bench!

I did the above for a Trash to Treasure Competition. I was on a roll. Here are some more of my creations:

My first headboard repurposed looked like this:

Does the headboard look familiar to you…..yep it was an oldie.

Next here is the the next one after that:

And here it is after in all it’s glory……haha.

Now to Paint, or Stain? What do you think?

Well that’s it on headboards. Do you have an old headboard set and would love to repurpose it….it’s not hard really.

Oh, and about the completion….I won!!! So proud of myself.


34 thoughts on “Headboard Turned What??”

    1. Thank you so much Liz. Its one of those projects that look impossible, but once you figure it out, you just keep on going. I’m not building like this anymore, resting my hands! I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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