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Creative Uses For Old Books

Do you have a pile of old books collecting dust? Do you have some stored away in boxes ready to give to the Goodwill? Well, don’t toss them or give them away because I have some wonderful ideas for giving those books a new lease on life



It takes a bit of patience, and a large hole saw to create this well-read planter, but the effort will be worth it for book lovers. Play with different combinations of books and pots, stacking where needed to create a mini garden of words.



Simply use a razor knife to slice off the covers and drill a hole in the top and thread through a strip of leather or ribbon to accent these unique gift items. USA, LLC 


This next one is such a awesome idea. It comes from Happy at Home


Isn’t that beautiful! This book wreath is nothing short of breathtaking when it comes to crafts with old books. Patience and careful planning will result in a truly one-of-a-kind decor item that visitors to your home will love.

Light Pendant:


Photo: Courtesy of The 3 Rs Blog

Sometimes the best thing about a DIY project is making an existing product even better. This modern pendant takes a generic paper lantern and steps it up a notch by carefully pasting circles, cut from book pages, in a scalloped pattern which resembles an artichoke!


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This cool pencil holder is a genius DIY project because it is made with the leftover scraps from the previous artichoke light project.









Photo: Courtesy of Crafting a Green World

You’ll never need to worry about someone showing up with the same bag as you when you create your own purse out of a much-loved book.

DIY Hidden Storage:


All you need to create this amazing hidden storage box is glue, a sharp knife and a simple box frame. This is one home security hack that looks as good as it works. Check it out here hidden storage.

Knife Holder:


This is such a wonderful way to store your knifes. Pick your books, and wrap tightly at least 3 times. So easy! You could even hot glue the books together then use the twine. (  this would be perfect for a certain cook who has a new kitchen)



Photo: Courtesy of Find it, Make It, Love It

Simply cut, paste and thread the pennant flags and adorn with whatever lettering you like. Stickers, stencils, and paint are all ways to make this DIY decor your own.

Jewelry Box:


Photo: Courtesy of Kate’s Creative Space

A hollowed out book is an age-old space to hide valuables, but it also looks great on display as a jewelry box. Get creative and add wooden feet or several stacked boxes for optimum effect.

Wall Hooks:


Photo: Courtesy of Turtles & Tails

Wall hooks have become an indispensable part of home organization – and good decor. By following this tutorial, you can create this great, vintage-looking coat rack that will be an instant conversation piece in your home.

So…what do you think of these uses for old books? Do you have any lying around or in boxes collecting dust?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading! USA, LLCnbsp;



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  1. I LOVE ❤️ this post because the ideas are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing! I may try some of them… starting with the bookmark. 🔖 🤗😁

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