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Candy Corn Crafts

I keep being asked about fall ideas. Well, I have plenty. Last year I went  crazy with candy corn!!

I love candy corn this time of year. It taste yummy and there are so many projects you can make out there with them:

Try this Candy Corn Wreath:


And don’t you just love the candles floating atop the candy corns! Just get a wreath, either straw or grapevine, some hot glue..and start gluing. So easy to make, you just need a lot of candy corn!

Speaking of candy corn…I made these last year. They were so easy to make. So grab your wine bottles, some paint…and create:


You can also get a neat effect if your going totally Halloween and take a black candle and put it on top, and let it drip down when lit! You can make some small bats and glue them to the bottle.


How about these Candy Corn Treat Bags…I did not make these…


But I love Mason Jars, and just like with the wine bottles you can make the candy corn design….then put some fake roses, sprayed black ,inside…you get this:

center (3).jpg

And if your looking for something to wear…..try tie dying a t-shirt:


I hope I have given you some ideas….for some reason I am craving candy corn…I shouldn’t have used them all on the wreaths…


49 thoughts on “Candy Corn Crafts”

  1. I saw these around a lot as I was browsing online for kids party Halloween ideas. They must be specific to the US – are they like THE Halloween candy?

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  2. Not really, but I’m definitely going to give your and more diy things ago. I’ve never really been very good at DT and making things, but I love it… even if they don’t always turn out as planned!😂😊

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  3. Not really. I will definitely give your and more diy things ago! I’ve always loved the idea of making things from scratch and using up waste and making super cool crafts, but I’ve never been very good at DT. I just love it even if the finished product doesn’t turn out as planned! 😊😂

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    1. That’s great Hannah. Never be discouraged. I get frustrated sometimes too, everyone does. Knowing your saving from the landfill is awesome. Even soup cans can be painted and decorated and made into pencil holders. So many easy ones out there!!

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      1. Hi Kelly! I haven’t actually sent you my project. That must’ve been someone elses, as I’m sorta new to blogging and I’m unsure how to send my project to you via photo.


      1. Nope. We talked about it, and decided against handing out candy. We didn’t want to encourage the door-to-door. Most people we know with children are doing backyard parties for the kids, and that’s best.


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