Easy Halloween Craft

Halloween is almost upon us. The season for dressing up in scary costumes or hilarious throwback costumes. Oh but lets not forget the precious little ones all dressed up as pretty princesses! I just love opening the door and the little tots all dressed up and looking so adorable. I just love looking at all the costumes.

Well I came across this wonderful tutorial on how to create some really cool books that you see on pinterest, and knew it would be perfect for you to try and reproduce! It’s fun, easy, and best yet, it’s inexpensive! Head out to your nearest dollar store and you will find just about everything you need to make this project.

First, remove the sleeves from the books. Then glue the the creepy stuff onto the front of the books. Use different object to hold them down till dried.

When dry it will look something like this:

Now your asking yourself, this doesn’t look scary at all….kind of boring. Hmm…what to do.Well, you take out your handy-dandy hot glue gun and make various borders around the book. You can create spider webs with your glue gun too! How fun to let your imagination go wild!

Still looking really plain and uninteresting…but don’t get discouraged…it will look awesome when finished!

Now is when you take your can of Rustoleum 2x Brown Spray Paint and spray each book cover.

Ahhh, now they are looking pretty creepy… Be sure to spray both sides of the books.



This is what the front will look like:

It’s all dry and looking pretty scary.

You then use some black acrylic craft paint to coat the books, then wipe a lot of it away.  That gives it that old, worn look.


Now the fun part! Take you take some metallic luster wax in gold and highlight all the items you put on the book. The skeletons, bats, cobwebs, and the glue dots around the book.  (This metallic wax Paint goes a long way)



This is such a fun craft to do. The metallic wax paint is about $7, but it goes a long way and will have leftovers for another project.

Wouldn’t these books look cool with spider webs underneath them, and some creepy candles?

This is what you will need:

This is such a fun and easy project to do, especially with your children. Have lots of fun creating!

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Do you dress up with your children?

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