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Halloween Bats

This is a fun and easy craft you can make for the Halloween season. This is so cute in a window, over a table, just about anywhere. Kids will love helping you make this one.

All you need for this project is a branch from outdoors…or one of those pussy willows I used for the candy cane branches https://wordpress.com/post/kelleysdiy.com/3267. It would be cool to spray the branch black..or just leave it for the natural look.

Next you will need black construction paper to make the bats from the templates below.



Now you can add those googly eyes you find at the dollar store.

Then I made a small hole in the center of each one with a pin. I used this plastic string, but you could use thread also.


Once you poke a hole and pull the thread through, make a knot at one end, and put the bat down next to it. Check to make sure the knot is big enough not to come back through hole when hanging. Tie the bats to a branch that you found outside and painting it black is optional.

Now on each side of the branch, tie and knot a piece of the string to branch. Now take the end of that string and secure it to the top of the window with flat thumbtacks.

Also, you can hang the bats from chandeliers, lampshades or you can even tape them to the inside of your lampshade for a cool effect…


Thank you for looking!



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