Dem Bones, Dem Bones

‘Dem Bones, ‘Dem Bones

Robin shared with me this adorable setup that her and her grandson did together…this is what they made..and what she had to say…


Along with the grandson, we decided to make a skeleton jail, which evolved into a Halloween scene for the mantle. We got the skeletons from the dollar store (had to dismember them first in order to preposition them as we wanted) and a foam pumpkin.

I started with the trash can because I knew I wanted to center it in the pumpkin. It’s made from cardboard. The fire source is a dollar store star shaped light that I dismantled and after drilling a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin inserted up into the trash can.

Next we worked on the bars and the door; which I wanted to be able to open in case I ever wanted to change the scene.  We assembled the two sides and the door and hot glued into place.  I added a bolt assembly and a tiny lock.  I had a bit of a fail with the hinges – I used black foam and they ended up ripping apart; so I dug through my supplies and came up with a tiny pair that were damaged a little, but still workable.   I also had a small set of keys, for the pirate to hold.  Everything was painted then I added a few black areas for aging.  Finally some re-assembled skeletons to fill up our jail.

The pirate/jailer was given a set of  boots (painted black); a patch; a sword;  and a head scarf  using a piece of  plastic table cloth); and finally his keys.

I wanted to add a partner for the pirate, so added a crate for him to sit on and whittle.  The lamp works using the same method as the trash can-the light is under the crate).  I found a mini farmer’s straw hat in my stash.

The pirate’s sword and the cowboys knife are both made using toothpicks (round for the sword and flat for the knife) were shaped on one end – hot glue was used on the other end for the handles.  Then they were painted.

Next came the torture device.  Again craft wood – the bolts are glue gun dots, added before painting.  Then we found a small piece of chain (painted it also) and hung our skeleton.

Lastly, we added a coffin filled with some of our dismembered skeletons (friends of the incarcerated).


That is pretty cool isn’t!!! Wow what wonderful creativity!!


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