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Framed Pumpkin

If you have been to a dollar store lately, you will find pumpkins by the dozens! Well,I just had to pick up some and see what I could make with them.


I took a box cutter, but almost anything will work. It’s made of really thin Styrofoam, and thankfully, it doesn’t make a big mess when you cut in half. I then took one of the pieces I cut and painted with a off white spray paint.


Remember that tip I told you a while back? If you want your final color to pop…spray item white first. When it was dry….

I sprayed it with Rustoleum Metallic Gold...


I just love this spray paint!! I have used this in many projects. As the pumpkin was drying, I took a frame and it’s cardboard, and painted them both with black spray paint.


I took a piece of black material and cut it big enough to cover the cardboard and left a little on all 4 sides to fold behind. I then hot glued the sides to the back. I as thinking while I was making this….It would look really pretty with black tulle covering the material.When it was all dry…I glued the pumpkin inside the frame…I added some acorns..(I halved them also) and a pretty leaf. This is what the final project looks like….


This is so pretty on the mantel, or hanging on the wall.Don’t you just love the shine of the gold metallic!!!


Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


30 thoughts on “Framed Pumpkin”

  1. Hi…this is really clever.🤗 What could I use besides a pumpkin? 🤔

    Have you moved again,yet? We are enjoying fall weather..70’s…I have 14 foot sunflowers still growing! Rainy season is coming,we’re thinking to go that way ..PD…this winter for a visit. Tho we only were there 7 months before I called it quit. Don’t know if the few friends we made will even remember us.

    Why don’t you repost the crackled marbles ? I may do that to my hoard of gems,it’s really hard to find gems variety at a good price any more. Dollar tree has clear and aqua…that’s it. Thank goodness for amazon,but they get pricey for colors,or the kind that have sparkles inside them.

    Nathan and I have quit sugar…and everything seems to have sugar! By different names. I bought some Greek yogurt,and am teaching myself to really like it,I happened to look at the label..15 grams of sugar?? Because of the lactose in the milk I guess. So gotta look for fage brand…why doesn’t IThave as many? I don’t know!

    Anyway..this pumpkin is clever,👏if you can think of something else to mount like this,could be worth a try! Take care,I hope everything has healed ok. Berniceinoregon 🤗

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      1. I am waiting…need to move. He wants to remove the plate, pins, screws and put in ( i forgot, I was in shock) something like rubber.I go back and see him after I’ve moved. I hope my neck doesn’t do the same.But that dr assured me it wouldn’t.

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  2. That is just adorable! I need to go dig out supplies tomorrow and pick up some pumpkins. I think I will make two, one with a pumpkin and one with a little scarecrow. I could also use them to decorate at our Homemakers Association Halloween party! 🙂


      1. I’m so confused Robin!!! Do you mean the pic of the Mini Portable Folding Photo Studio Box  Backdrop softbox USB LED light? That is great for Sellers to take quality photos of the small items they are selling. It has led light, usb.


      2. Second picture from bottom of post, below the picture of the spray paint can. Looks like a wood table or cart, maybe made out of 2″x4″s. Has the corner of a blue basket showing on the front of the bottom shelf. There’s something that looks like the bottom of a white crate on the table top. On top of it laying flat is the black picture frame and the black covered cardboard from the picture frame. Appears to be blue spray paint on the table top, seen through the white crate/tray thingy. That is what made me think this was your paint station.

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