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Save Money Making Your Own Dryer Sheets That Last A Long Time

I myself have a lot of allergies. Unfortunately, one of the allergies I have is that I’m allergic to fragrance. They didn’t sell the Downy Free and Clear in sheets as yet.

So this was my idea then, before they came out with the Downy Free and Clear.

But, I am still using this idea because, it saves me a bunch of money on softner. I only have to buy one of these sizes you see below once a year now!


I purchased a couple of sponges, the kind without the scrubbing side, at the dollar store. I cut them in half. I used 1 part downy (or your own brand) to 3 parts water. I put the mixture in one of those dollar store containers, and stirred, then put the sponges in, and put on the top. Now, when I need a ‘sheet’ for the dryer, I remove one of the sponges, squeeze some of the excess out one of the sponges (back into container), and throw into dryer. When clothes are dry, I remove the sponge and put back into the container where it soaks up the softener/water mixture.


Not only does this work really well… is also less expensive, so you save money on softener. I did find that if your doing a load of towels, throw in 2 sponges. Great Idea!

Thank you for looking!



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