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Dryer Sheets: The Truth About

Let’s talk dryer sheets. A friend was over today, believe it or not dryer sheets came up. Which got me thinking. Well by now you know there not just for the dryer.So I thought it would be nice to write a post on those other uses. If you can think of any other than what I list below…let me know. I am not looking these up…just so many ideas.

  1. The dryer
  2. Dusting your fans
  3. Putting one in your drawer nestled in with the clothes
  4. Great for linen closet. Tuck some within your towels and sheets
  5. Dusting…not just for your fans, your whole house. Put one on one of those Dollar Tree dusters….dust away!
  6. How about in your backpack? Hiking, Camping Equipment stay fresh.
  7. How about your gym bag?
  8.  Tuck them in your sneakers and shoes while they are in the closet. Keeps away those locker room odors. Makes them smell good too!
  9. Keep one in your clothes hamper
  10.  Trash Can
  11.  I use this one all the time…. It cleans, shines your chrome faucets so sparkling!
  12. Okay, this one really works… If your hair is a static mess, Rub one on your hair to bring it back under control
  13. Tucked inside the toilet paper roll, every time it spins around, it eliminates odors
  14. Bring to the beach with you. You can wipe off those sandy feet easily with one before they get into the car.
  15. Now I’m really thinking…running out of ideas
  16. I know they clean off the sand, they also will clean off any dry spills off the floor easily.
  17. When I’ve finished painting, I put the brush in warm sudsy water with just a touch of liquid fabric softener…no wait…that’s not a sheet, but a good idea!
  18. and by the way… you can put in a spray bottle,1 part liquid softener to 2 parts water, cleans the hairspray off the mirrors easily. Just keep a bottle of it ready under the sink for use when needed. It’s also great to mist the carpets if their is a lot of static to them.
  19.  I use one on my keyboard and monitor
  20.  Whenever I am potting a plant in soil I put a used dryer sheet at the bottom of the pot so the soil doesn’t come out, or a coffee filter.
  21. Rub the bottoms of your new squeaky tennis shoes to stop the squeaking
  22.  Used ones are great for the static clean you get on your nylons and dresses.
  23. Keep your window blinds clean longer by wiping them periodically with used dryer sheets. The anti-static properties of the product will actually help to repel dust and dirt.
  24. Tape one to the inside of each of your HVAC system vents. This will filter and add scent to the air  circulating around in your home
  25. Julie from:   states,  Drier sheets soaked in vinegar work like magic in getting soap scum off shower doors.

I know there are some that are supposed to work…I just haven’t tried them…..

  • removes soap scum from shower doors
  • cleans burnt on foods.  put a new dryer sheet at the bottom of the dirty pan, add water and let it soak overnight. The next day, wipe out the pan and you’re good to go.

So do you have any other uses for dryer sheets? Enquiring minds want to know!

Great ideas for used sheets in there there also…keep them after the dryer cycle and stash them! states: I carry a few when trail riding, and rub my horse’s face. They keep gnats and mosquitos away from her eyes. Oh, and they also lift dust off the horse and give her show ring shine for a last minute touch up. Oh, and they also lift dust off the horse and give her show ring shine for a last minute touch up  says: Dryer Sheets keeps my sox&underware drawer smelling nice 😉  I use them to repel mosquitoes. Just put a fresh dryer sheet in your pocket when hiking or working outside. Don’t know how it works. It just does.  I even keep a zip bag of them in the glove compartment for impromptu outdoor activities. Sure beats that spray on bug repellant!

Here is another:

I was looking at your dryer sheets post. But comments are closed. I have a fine way to get burned on food up that doesnt involve … whatever is in dryer sheets. Wouldnt think they’d work on serious burn-on (like spaghetti boiled dry until the smoke alarm went off, 1/4 inch plus of carbon. Bcuz you had an accidental whiskey nap). Add a heavy amount of baking soda (at least two tablespoons) and heat on medium heat for an hour or two (+). Do not boil! Baking soda will decompose to sodium ion, CO2 and water if you boil it. Everything will come up easily in big chunks with some small flakes with just a wee bit of scrub thereafter. I imagine the chemistry could be improved (though not with acids, at least not in the same step) but this works plenty well enough.

Does anyone out there know the answer to this question??? USA, LLC


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      1. It works for me. I’ve been using them like this for years. I even keep a zip bag of them in the glove compartment for impromptu outdoor activities. Sure beats that spray on bug repellant

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      1. I tried, darling, but it wouldn’t let me. This link doesn’t work. Don’t worry about it – do your thing; I am sure you are pretty busy! You’re a winner in my heart, so I don’t have to win anything!

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      2. Yes I did…one more interview’s nice that the house was almost ready to sell. Thank you honey! Did you enter the giveaway???You better! 24 hours left…please sign up!

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  1. getting dead bugs off the front of your car. hose down the car and wipe over the bugs with the wet dryer sheet. The material and chemicals lift the dead bugs off without you having to scrub the heck out of it. Then, wash and soap the car and clean it like usual.


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