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Fall Table Decorations

I found these cute little terra cotta flowerpots at the dollar store…3 for a dollar…wow! I just knew I had to grab some up. You just never know when stuff will come in handy.


Using the same Metallic Gold spray paint as I used in the Pumpkin Frame


I painted the flower pots inside and out. These aren’t going to be used outside. So I didn’t soak them in water, etc.

I then started pouncing orange polka dots on the pot:


So fun and easy. I let the paint dry. I then added some filler….a small pumpkin…and there you go! This is so cute on your tablescape for the fall holidays!


I was thinking….wouldn’t this look cute with a name tag hanging from it? Or you can take a toothpick and foam paper and make name tags.

So what do you think of this little pot?

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


32 thoughts on “Fall Table Decorations”

      1. I am so sad: one of our younger community members just lost his father to Covid. The tragedy of a 56-year-old man who has just been gifted by the first grandson succumbing to this stupid virus!


      2. Yes, the baby was born and named just before he took sick. Fortunately, nobody was infected during the circumcision and naming ceremony. I was shocked when I heard the son saying a memorial prayer yesterday! Just a year ago we met his parents at the wedding. Ah, darling, why are some people so foolish as not to believe that this is deadly dangerous!


      3. I don’t know. Young teens and adults sometimes have no fear, till something hits them. All those people at the beaches, spreading and bringing back home.
        Seeing ones grandchild for the first time is such a gift!

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