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Helpful, Handy Tricks Prt 2

Just as promised….more helpful and handy tricks for around your home. This first is a must for doggie owners. I MacGyvered this in my yard years ago after seeing something like it at a doggie park.

FH17JAU_580_08_R01 (1)

Rather than make daily trips to the trash can, I built this poop pipe. It’s just a large piece of 4-in.  It’s a PVC drainpipe sunk into the ground a foot or so. Then I put a trash bag inside, lining it and a cap sitting loosely on top. A rubber band holds the bag in place, and the cap helps keep odors at bay. When the bag gets full, I just take it to the trash bin and put a new one in the drainpipe.

Here’s a neat trick to tear tape and get a starting edge at the same time.


Fold the tape under at a 90-degree angle to the roll. Then, with a snapping motion, pull the tape against the edge of the roll. The tape tears, leaving a triangular starting tab. This won’t work with plastic tapes; those must be cut.

This next one is great for wobbly tables or chairs.


Save the cork! You can use a slice of synthetic cork to brace a wobbly table leg. Just mark the amount of cork needed, slice it off with a utility knife and glue it in place.

Thinly sliced cork can also be great to put underneath decor as to not to scratch the surfaces.

Has this ever happened to you?? Your outside trimming branches and you can’t seem to reach far enough with your shears? Here an easy solution to the problem….


Yes, Slip PVC pipes over the handles of your pruning shears and tape them in place to extend your reach and clip high branches without a ladder. Isn’t that a super idea!

Wintertime…do feel drafts coming in from your round ceiling registers from AC? Here is an easy way to fix that problem.

FH16JUN_569_08_009_R02 (1).jpg

Rather than put up with the drafts, I sealed the registers with those clear plastic saucers that you put under flowerpots. I temporarily glued them in place with White Lightning SEASONSeal Clear Removable Weather Stripping . It’s a rubbery sealant that you apply with a caulk gun and peel off in the spring.


photo by PreechaB/Shutterstock

Hide those cords! Help keep your home office space organized by using PVC pipe to hide cords. Just wrangle all those computer, mouse, monitor and phone cords and hide them in some PVC pipe. You can even use some colorful tape to match your office décor.

This next one is so easy to make….find a pallet behind stores. Usually the ones that aren’t marked with number or painted, you can’t take. But the plain ones, home improvement stores let you have. Check outside, behind the store.


Use some old pallet wood to make a wine rack. The rack would make a great addition to an outdoor patio area. It is actually the bottom part of the pallet. All you have to do is cut this part off.

Don’t throw those small jars away either! You can reuse them in your craft room or workshop.


Photo: Courtesy of Craft Storage Ideas

Try using pickle jars, Mason jars or empty spice jars for an inexpensive, simple storage system.

Need a cute space for those small stuffed animals? I know my granddaughter loves the little Ty animals.


They sell these plant hangers at the home improvement stores pretty inexpensive. Just spray paint, add some beads and pretty flowers (bag for $1 at dollar stores) and hang. It’s a perfect solution for those small little stuffed animals. It looks so precious hanging.

Okay, I love the look of this next one. If you have the room to set this on your dresser, or anywhere in your room, this would be so lovely!


Photo: Courtesy of Innately Gypsea

Don’t you just love this idea! Glue knobs onto the inside top, small bowls from the dollar store glued in place. Do you like this idea?

This next one is for your kitchen…


…if you have a ladder, it would make a great pot holder! Not only looks awesome, but saves space in your kitchen.

By the way, did I show you this makeover?


Photo: Courtesy of My Repurposed Life

This tired, old dresser was turned into a sleek bench complete with plenty of storage by a clever DIYer. This bench would work well in an entryway or mudroom.

My BFF moved to Illinois and the weather there has been brrr cold. With snow and rain, shoes/boots can get so wet and filthy. Here is a great way to store those muddy shoes and keeping them off the flooring.

shoerack (1)

Photo: Courtesy of Sandra Jouatte

This clever shoe storage system is made from old trays! Just use the trays on a shoe rack to protect your flooring from mud, snow and ice and help keep your shoes organized.

Still want more? Okay then. This next one is ingenious.


Family Handyman

I have used old hoses for so many things. Here they cut an old hose into 7-in. pieces, slit them and nail them to the wall to make good holders for handled tools in the garage.

I have used pieces of hose, slit down the center, to cover and protect my hand saws. Keeps them and me safe!

Got an old trunk you just love the looks of? Why not make it into a coffee table.


Just add legs you can find at a large home improvement store!


This next one proves that Bookcases are not just for the living room


This next hack saved me lots of money when I was updating my kitchen. You know those expensive stainless steel backsplashes, well I copied it for a lot less.


After I finished the cabinets, countertops and put in new appliances, I wanted a piece of stainless behind my stove. Instead of stainless, I searched down almost every isle in a home improvement store until I found this


You can check out the project here:

Here is another before and after of a bench I chalk painted:

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas, and that one or more could have inspired you! Thank you for checking it out! Have a fabulous day.

PS  I am making a desk for a friends boy. I will be sharing it with you. It’s taking longer than expected. So hard to cut with cast on, but I will finish! I also found a unique piece of furniture while on a weekly alleyway cruise with a friend driving. I must admit, my not being able to put weight on my leg, made this one easy. My friend had to do all the lifting. She loves it though! She is a diy newbie. I love teaching her what I know. We have a lot of fun learning together!



37 thoughts on “Helpful, Handy Tricks Prt 2”

    1. That’s a bummer when you see something that sparks your creativity, and your held down by the lack of space. Did you check out the post I did about Renters? It’s about space, and lack of, but creative ideas!

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      1. I did, and they are great ideas! I have actually taught several classes on frugal container gardens ans senior gardening. They are always well-received. We live on 15 acres and a few years ago I grew a massive garden to sell produce. Unfortunately due to lung disease that is no longer possible. So I gave up market gardening and transitioned over to over to all large containers.


      2. I am so sorry honey to hear about your lung disease.❤️️ Wow, your a master at gardening Robin! How wonderful. Container gardening is wonderful! I realize you have lots of space, wow 15 acres, but container gardening is such a wonderful way to grow fabulous veggies for your family Robin!

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  1. Hey Kelly…what’s happening with the cast…again??.

    And how in Palm Springs are you finding throwaways on the streets? I never saw anything when in palm desert!! Are you settled a new home? Bernice..

    Love the hose ideas! I love this hack kind of stuff but can never remember them when I need to. Huggers berniceinoregon

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    1. So good to hear from you Bernice. You are so right! What is it with Palm Desert anyway??!! I was with a friend, she had to drive, we went through the alleys behind the stores. I spied a great furniture piece that used to be ‘something’. I was lucky to find that piece. Nothing here hardly…how I miss Palm Springs and the curb finds.
      The weather here is in the 70’s today. Yesterday we had rain….so today the weather is absolutely gorgeous !
      Cast? A screw broke. First the plate broke, which was removed and screws put in. Now screw broke, so back in a cast for now. So much for a ‘easy done- all- the-time surgery’.


    1. I bet he will. Plus you can spray paint or paint them to blend into the wall or a galvanized for the rustic look! Or glue some small pieces of carpet onto the PVC so the kitties can have fun by daddy’s feet. 🐱😂 I’m so glad you enjoyed it honey!

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