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Did You Know!! Prt 2

I just love seeing all the different kinds of hacks there are, some are just so ingenious. I know you love them too! So here are some really cool ones I thought you would like.

How many times have you tried to unload packages from the car into the house and the door keeps closing? To keep that from happening, take a rubber band and loop it around one doorknob or handle. Then, twist the rubber band once and then loop it around the other knob. The rubber band holds the latch down, preventing the door from latching shut. Now if the door closes, you can push it back open with your body even if your hands are full.


I know there are some cooks out there that will love this next one!!!!


106-choco-bowl-1 (1).jpg

Or how about this one!!!


I just love this next one!! I wish I would have seen this one a few weeks ago when I was changing out the faucets under my sinks:


So much easier on the back. I used my doggies bed for cushioning….this is so much better!

Who would like to have a fast and inexpensive table for the holidays, party, etc?? Here is a fast and easy way to build one!!! Don’t worry; just run to the home center and get a 10-ft. length of 3-in. PVC pipe, four 3-in. toilet flanges and a hollow-core door. Hollow-core ‘slabs’ are 80 in. long and available from 28 to 36 in. wide. Cut the PVC to make legs and assemble the table as shown. It’s not a masterpiece, but under a tablecloth it looks fine. Plus it’s light-weight and easy to disassemble and store until next year. Just remember that hollow-core doors aren’t very strong; don’t sit or stand on the table.


This year I will be moving…not sure where yet but…this next one is a great idea. Have you ever tried to move the top mattress.Trying to wrestle a heavy, floppy mattress anywhere is tough. Many mattresses have handles, but they’re not intended for carrying. They’re actually made to help you position the mattress, so they’re not very strong.

Here’s an easier way to carry a mattress: Make a simple rope sling that will give you and your helper a lot more control. Thread the rope through the mattress handles. Slip a 5-in. piece of 1-in. PVC pipe over the rope ends and then loop and tie each end to create a comfortable sling grip. Flip the mattress over so the sling is on the bottom and you’re on your way.


Do you want to keep a spare key hidden in your garden?? How about this idea..

442b3881da9516df9ea3bfa84676d146 (1)

This next one is pretty ingenious. I recently updated my switch covers in my home, and it cost a small fortune:


Do you use plastic bags in your small trash cans? Then you know if you put something kinda heavy in it, or if it’s getting full…the sides fall in. Here is a easy way to fix that problem.


If you find that your dishwasher is starting to have an odor, then get rid of it fast by running it with lemon kool-aid. It’ll be gone in no time!


Here are some hacks to keep your home smelling fresh!

Tying up some eucalyptus in your shower is a great way to make sure that your bathroom smells fresh all the time. Also, the scent can help you relax while taking a shower.


A great idea for naturally scenting your home is to put a few drops of essential oil onto your air filter. That way when air is blowing through, the scent of the oil (whether it’s lemon, mint or lavender ) will go throughout your house


Now if you want a really quick and easy hack, then try clipping an air freshener to your air vent and let the AC do its job.


I use those in my car!

I think that this hack is seriously awesome. If you have a big fan and an air filter, then definitely try this one out.


Do you have a ceiling fan that is noisy? If the screws that hold the light globe to your ceiling fan tend to work loose and then hum or rattle, slip a wide rubber band around the neck of the globe where the screws grip it. The rubber band prevents the screws from loosening, dampens any noise and protects the globe from overzealous screw tighteners.


Love this next one:



I remember playing the shadow games with my sons… love these:


Love this next one!







I made one out of the top of a milk jug to use as a scoop out the doggies food.

This last one if for all you Oreo and Milk lovers!


I hope you enjoyed these and found at least one idea that is useful for you. USA, LLC


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  1. I just love the tent sandbox… I hope I can remember this when I have grandkids…. Which better not happen anytime soon!!!


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