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Did You Know??

This is stuff we’re  supposed to know….but who knew? Some of these, I didn’t know. Let’s see if any of these surprise you! 10_zpsvknjswdg




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Hope you enjoyed this! More to come!! USA, LLC 


51 thoughts on “Did You Know??”

  1. Well knock me down with a feather! I knew about the toothpaste one, and the same goes for shampoo, a blob the size of a UK 50p coin is enough. I was amazed about the cans and the pans, why don’t they just say so.

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  2. That last one is good to know! Will try that when I’m running low on ink. The hole in the pot handle/spoon idea though….I have tried that and it doesn’t work like they show. Not with my pots and spoons anyway. 😉 I’ve heard many of the others before but haven’t had the need to try them, like the take-out container idea and the ketchup cup.

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