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Just For Teens

A younger reader asked me to do a post on teens. I searched the internet and  put together some fabulous ideas just for Teens!

Tassels and pom poms are so in fashion right now. Check out some of these great ideas.

The first is a fabulous tote that was made really special by adding tassels. Tassels are easy to make and are all the rage now.


Don’t you just love how the tassels and pom poms really dressed up this straw tote? Speaking of tassels how about making some earrings with them:


How about some necklaces to go with those earrings:

DIY-Ombre-Tassel-Necklace (1)

Want more? Check out these jeans:


So how about shorts and pom poms!


This next one is a favorite for any age…


Love that! How about some beaded eyewear:


Or a DIY Fringe Net Tank:



How about some DIY denim embroidery



My young friend Hannah from:  did this with her jeans:

Awesome Job Hannah!!!!

Braided TShirt Bracelets are so much fun and easy to make!



I just love these summer beaded barefoot sandals.


Aren’t those adorable!!! Let’s take those plain white tennis shoes, and stencil some fabulous art on them.


Or some painted ice cream sprinkles:


How about a pretty diy shell necklace:


and some tie dyed diy headbands:


I love this Furry Hug Mug:


Isn’t that adorable!!!

What about a Tassel Key Chain:


This next one is also a fun and easy craft for teens, a straw frame:


If your a really crafty teen, this one is perfect for you!


Aren’t they cute, and fun!!! Another fun project for teens:


This next idea for teens to make is ingenious:


This diy glitter case looks like a fun and easy project:


Here is another idea for your cell phone cases….with glitter too!


This next one is so cute, all you need is some plastic spoons and a pom pom!


This next project is really awesome! Diy crystal geode eggs from etpaulmag


and last, but not least, polka dot sunglasses with a sharpie!

2-Polka-Dot-Sunglasses (2).jpg USA, LLC 



45 thoughts on “Just For Teens”

  1. Great ideas! I love the pom-pom beach shorts (except I’d wear them any day, not just at the beach XD) and the earphone holder! The earphone holder is such a handy idea, since usually my earphone’s are just tangled in my backpack. XD

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      1. A 16-year old (going on 25) shows a lot more attitude, followed in her footsteps by a 14-year old copycat sister. But of course, my adopted son is their stepfather, so they very cleverly play a bunch of adults against each other. They are still lovely, though, and I adore them!

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  2. Another great post, such good ideas. My favorites are the mugs and all the pom pom items and tassels, just love all the colors. I am such a hippy at heart. I am not a teenager but I will always promote pom pom crafts. They take me back to my childhood.

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  3. Hello. I was hoping you could check out my blog? My name is Red and I’m a new blogger. Of course, you dont have to. I understand if you just dont want to, cause sometimes people just want to look at different things, but if you would like to please leave some feedback. Thanks

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