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Kids Hacks

Well, I’m back again with some more Life Hacks! These ideas are so amazing. Check these out for the Kiddos:


I wish I knew this when my kids were young…Oh wait…I wish they had pool noodles back then…


This next one……. a re purposed crib is ingenious!!!!!


Wouldn’t this be perfect for a kids party! You could make them ahead of time.


And speaking about kids parties…how about this…


This is another great idea….




And the last one, is helpful to know for our furry kiddos






I hope at least one of these proved to be a great idea for all you moms and dad out there. Thank you for looking!










20 thoughts on “Kids Hacks”

  1. Cupcakes in ice cream cones – brilliant! So is the bracelet with parent’s phone #. The graduation shirt is adorable. My son did something similar with a tree: he planted a tree when Alisia was born, then took a first picture when she went to school and was taking pictures every year as both she and the tree were growing. The last one is a graduation photo.


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