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Teens Fringed Bedskirt

This velcro bedskirt was very simple to make and it really elevates the entire look of the bed. I don’t have any wasted fabric that rests on top of the box spring, as I would with a normal bedskirt, and if your bed is in the corner, you don’t even have to make three sides! I also love how easy the velcro attachment makes pulling off the skirt in case it needs to be washed. Check out how you can make one too!


easy and inexpensive velcro bedskirt tutorialSupplies:
-muslin fabric (check step one to figure out yardage and width) (I used muslin because it’s the least expensive white fabric I could find at $2 a yard before my 50% off coupon at JoAnn.)
-trim (I found this fringe inexpensively online through a Chinese retailer)
–sticky-back velcro for fabrics (I used 1.5 packs for a twin bed.)
-straight pins
-matching thread
-tape measure


Not Pictured:
-sewing machine
-iron & ironing board

Step One: Take measurements of your box spring. This will determine the lengths of fabric you will cut in the next step.


Measurement one: (Length of bed sides) + (4″ hem allowance and overlap allowance) = length of pieces you will cut in step two

Measurement two: (Distance from top of box spring to floor) – (2″ hem allowance) – (preferred breathing space below) – (any trim overlap) = width of pieces you will cut in step two

Determining width of muslin to buy:
Multiply “measurement two” x 3 and that is the minimum width of muslin you should buy. My combined total was 36″, and thankfully that is a standard muslin width. So I was able to buy one piece of 36″ muslin the length of my bed and cut it into three long strips as shown below. Be sure to add about 1/8 yard to the total fabric you purchase to account for shrinking when you wash the fabric before beginning the project.

Step Two: Wash and dry your fabric before doing anything! Then cut three fabric strips to the measurements you figured in step one.


Iron 1/2″ of your fabric edges, and fold it over another 1/2″ and iron to make a hem.


Step Three: Pin down the hem and stitch it into place.

Repeat steps 2-3 for the ends of the pieces.

Step Five: Pin your trim material to the nice edge of your bedskirt and stitch into place

6a00d8358081ff69e201bb0885dbd7970d-800wi (1)

Step Six: Attach the fuzzy and poky sides of the velcro strips together and cut out 1″ pieces. Peel off the backs of the fuzzy sides and attach a few inches apart from each other on the top of the back side of the fabric pieces. It’s important to use the fuzzy sides on your fabric and the poky sides on the box spring so you can wash them later and not worry about the poky velcro ruining delicates in the washing machine


Step Seven: Peel off the back of the poky velcro pieces that are attached to the velcro on the fabric and push it into the the box spring. Make sure you overlap the pieces at the foot of the bed as length allows.


Look how easy it is to remove! No more wrestling with the mattress when the bedskirt needs laundering.


Not only is fringe and pom-poms so fashionably ‘in’ right now, but your teenager will love making this!!!


Now imagine some pretty linens and a comforter! Thank you ‘A Beautiful Mess’

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