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Easy DIY Mirror

I just love this mirror I made….it shines and sparkles so pretty! It’s very easy to make:

skewer mirror.JPG

All you need to make this mirror is:
1 Package of skewers
1 –7″ mirror for the center
1- 7″ Embroidery Hoop
Rustoleum Mirror Finish (on sale now)
1 pkg assorted small, medium, large  craft mirrors

Hot Glue
Wire for hanging

I started off by painting the embroidery hoop and skewers. A easy way I found to spray the skewers was by poking them about 1/2 into a piece of Styrofoam I had.

You only need one of the embroidery hoops. (one without the metal).
I then traced the mirror onto a piece of cardboard.This cardboard circle now becomes the back of the mirror, and what you will glue the skewers and mirror onto. I took a 4 inch piece of wire and poked both ends ( about 1 apart) into the cardboard, through to the back side and twisted ends. This creates a loop to hang mirror. I then began hot gluing the skewers, pointed end, onto the cardboard. I alternated the skewers into 2 lengths. When I was finished putting the skewers on, I glued the mirror onto the the cardboard with the skewers.
I then glued (and be very careful doing this so the glue doesn’t show) the embroidery hoop onto the mirror.
I glued the small mirror circles all around. I put this by my front door. The sun shines in through the window, and there is so much sparkle.
I hope you enjoy doing this project….so fun!


Pics don’t show very well how much they sparkle. Oh my do they sparkle from the light. So beautiful. I am so proud of myself

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46 thoughts on “Easy DIY Mirror”

  1. Reblogged this on The Earthyy Ladyy and commented:
    That is just too beautiful. I have always wanted one of these somewhere in my home. Makes me think of my uncle’s home built back in the 70’s. Had such a lovely theme full of shapes. Looked modern and stylish with all sorts of shapes. Beautiful work!!!

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  2. This is so beautiful. I love the style… reminds me of my uncle’s home that was built around the 70’s. It has this modern look full of shapes. Lots of circular and rectangular shapes mirrors or shelves. It’s funny how even today we love that type of style!!!

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      1. We don’t have the sun – inside the apartment, that is., Here, apartments are prized when they face north, otherwise you bake and your A/C bills are astronomical.


    1. It really does have a retro look! That was what I was going for. I have seen similar in the stores, very expensive. If you like the look for your home, put where it can get some sun. It really looks great with the sun bouncing off the mirrors! If you decide to make, I would love to see it!


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