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Rusty, Crusty Chair Makeover

My BFF gave me these two outdoor patio chairs and dresser when she moved ;(

61958-DSCN4623-rhdNugRAz-Ytzg-thumbnail-full (2) - Copy.JPG

The two chairs are rockers also…which I love! There was a lot of rust on the chairs. I first cleaned off the crusty rusty parts, especially around the feet. Rust had collected in seat and backs which have a open- weave- like pattern. This would be the first course of action: Remove the Rust, and to keep it from recurring! (Sometimes this is an easy task, sometimes not so easy, especially if the rust is on thick and crusty. )

Step 1

To remove the rust, use a wire brush and scrape off what you can. You don’t have to go crazy with this, just the crusty stuff.  You can go on to the next step if your surface is smooth.

Step 2

Next get a can of Rustoleum Stop Rust  A layer of this flat-black coating bonds with rusty metal and instantly transforms it into a non-rusting surface. No need to sand down to bare metal, simply spray directly onto rust. You can use indoors or outdoors.


Step 3

I sprayed the whole rocker, let dry, and repeated 2 more times. Now because the rust reformer is black, I need to spray the whole set with White. I truly believe that a color will pop more over the white, than black.


Step 4

I then sprayed with the Rustoleum Painters Touch  Seaside color…oh I just love this color…and name!

I wanted the bottom of the rockers to be a different color than the rest of the rocker..I liked it better than painting them all the same color. The hardest part, for me, was where the black met the Seaside on the sides. It took a lot ‘love’ to make it look as though the colors began and changed. Be sure to use Painters Tape or Frog Tape for those sharp lines.

I then painted a seat in a pretty yellow to go with the chairs….so colorful and looks so great out by the pool. I love how now it is a special seating area…how cute!



Then I brought over the umbrella….and I realized it was the same color as the chairs! I must have a real love for that color!

thumbnail (38)

A friend of mine came over and I grabbed a couple of photos!

thumbnail (35) - Copy.jpg

If you notice on the little yellow stool is the 3 cans of color I used. Here is what I used for this project:

Rustoleum Stop Rust

Rustoleum 2x Seaside Spray Paint

Rustoleum  Black USA, LLC

70 thoughts on “Rusty, Crusty Chair Makeover”

  1. Cute chairs. You have inspired me to give it a try. There’s so much you can do with spray paint! Have you ever tried a makeover with a glazed antique finish? I love the look and have always wanted to try it but have no idea how.

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    1. Thank you! Spray Paint is fabulous! Inexpensive makeover for sure! Yes I have used an antique glaze on furniture and frames. A Glaze is simply a thin, translucent film of color that’s painted over a base coat.Glaze is added to paint to extend the drying time — which gives you more time to work with your glaze to create the look you want.
      Water-based glazes and paints are the easiest to work with and to clean up.
      You can buy glazes that are already tinted, or you can make up your own glaze color:
      To tint, combine glazing medium with your paint (either latex or acrylic). Generally the ratio is four parts glaze to one part paint, but you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
      The amount of glazing medium you add to the paint can affect the color of the glaze. When you’re using lighter paint colors, a 4-to-1 mixture will not affect the value of the color. But darker colors may be altered to a lighter color value when mixed with too much glaze. It’s always best to experiment with the color on a piece of posterboard.
      The translucency of the glaze is determined by how much paint you add: more paint than glaze results in less translucency; less paint than glaze results in more translucency. I always like to test my glaze on a scrap board or posterboard to make sure it’s the right consistency and translucency.
      A key to a beautiful glaze treatment is the surface you’ll be painting on. A low-luster or semigloss latex or acrylic paint will seal the surface well and allow you to manipulate the glaze and keep a wet edge.
      Avoid using a flat latex base coat.
      You apply glaze just as you would apply paint, with a brush or roller. Again, work in small sections: roll on the glaze, finish the technique and then move on to the next section. And if you’re doing a two-person job, make sure one person is always rolling and the other is working with the glaze. That will give you the most consistent treatment.
      Drying time for glaze varies; usually you have about 10 to 20 minutes to work with the glaze before it dries completely. To increase the drying time, add a paint extender to your mixture. Because of the time constraints, it’s usually best to work in 2′ sections.Paint on a semi gloss surface. on top of chalk paint. Mix glaze to the right translucency and consistency. Mix glaze to the right translucency and consistency, and work in small sections.

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    2. If you need any help, I am happy to help. Send photo of what you want to work on, color you want to paint (must be in a semi gloss if you want the glaze to go on easier. I have glazed over chalk paint on my two dressers. I love the glaze look. If you wanted your paint to have glaze in it mix 4 prt paint to 1prt glaze.
      Let me know…..

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      1. Ok wow thank you SO much!!! Thank you for all of the detailed instructions. This is so INCREDIBLY helpful!! I know my next project is to glaze a piece of furniture, but I’m not sure which piece that will be. I will let you know. I too love it!! I think it adds extra elegance. Thank you for taking your time to answer my question in a such a thorough way!!!

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      2. You know, this is why I started the site. I was doing renovations to my home. I found some creative ways to save money, and I someone suggested I start my own site and share my ideas. I love all this stuff. And if I can help someone else, that is awesome!

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      1. There and back already! Wait till I put my head and my stuff together and post a ton of pictures! Stopped at a couple of outlet malls on the road, didn’t buy a stitch of clothes – didn’t even step into any clothes stores! – but raided Kitchen Collection. Are you surprised?

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      1. My pleasure, darling! My son gave me two water bottles you are supposed to keep refrigerated, and then, even if you fill them with room temperature water, it becomes cold and keeps cold for several hours. Now I have to figure out how to decorate them with cats. I’ll take a picture and send you; maybe you’ll have some ideas. You are such a crafts wizard!

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  2. Haha yes,my favorite color too. Anything in that line! My planted pots are all that color..myhouse..various shades of it…makes me think …ocean!

    Sent from my iPad


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