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Don’t Toss Re Use Prt 2

Most of us just love to repurpose and makeover old items. It is so much fun creating something new for your home from old stuff! Here are some new ideas for you to look over and see if you too just love these ideas!

Knife Holder

All you need for this project is 3 books and some pretty burlap or twine. Glue the books together, then wrap with the twine or burlap ribbon (you can find at a Dollar Tree)and hot glue in back.

Isn’t that a cute idea!

Pull Tab Picture Frame Hook

I have used this idea so many times for my hanging crafts:

Pull-Tab Picture Frame Hook

Paper Towel Roll Bag Storage

Stuff your paper bags inside a empty paper towel tube. When you need a bag, you can remove one at a time. Makes storage for all those bags easy.

Paper Towel Roll Bag Storage

Pipe Insulation for Baby-Proofing

Those sharp corners on tables can really hurt your child. The pressure of the curved foam will keep it in place for an easy-to-remove baby-proofing solution. Or, use the adhesive strip to hold the insulation in place for a more permanent safety fix.

Pipe Insulation for Baby-Proofing

Paint Stick to Clean Lint Buildup

It’s important to clean the area around your dryer’s lint trap, as the screen doesn’t always catch all the debris. A paint stick with a clean rag wrapped around one end makes a great hack for this task.

Paint Stick to Clean Lint Buildup

Fix Wobbly Furniture with a Penny

Fix a Wobbly bench/table with a penny! Add a drop of hot glue to a coin and attach to the problem area.
Fix Wobbly Furniture with a Penny


Pool Noodle Wrist Support

Do you spend a lot of time on the computer?. Mark the noodle where you want to make the cuts; then slice the noodle lengthwise at the marks using a utility knife. It may take a few passes with the knife to get all the way through to the center of the noodle. Puyll the pieces apart, and place on piece flat side down in front of your keyboard.

Pool Noodle Wrist Rest

Pie Plate Storage Pockets

I just love this next one from ‘Family Handyman. Screw cut-in-half pie tins and heavy-duty paper plates to a shop wall and you’ve got space-saving storage for the sanding discs, circular saw blades and abrasive discs that like to hide in a drawer. Be sure to tape the sharp edges on the cut pie plates to protect your fingers!

Pie Plate Storage Pockets

Window Shutter

Next time you see old window shutter at the resale shop, pick one up. There are so many projects you can do with shutters inside and outside the house.  Screw on some small baskets and use it as a seasonal decoration or to store items such as garlic, onions and potatoes in your pantry.

Window Shutter

Cardboard Carton

Instead of tossing that cardboard milk or orange juice carton in the  recycle bin, cut off the top, wrap it with fabric and use it as a planter for  your herbs or flowers.

milk carton burlap planter

Mattress Spring Flower Wall

This clever DIYer used old mattress springs for a flower wall. The springs are hung on the side of the house near the patio. So don’t throw out those bed/crib mattress springs. This is a great idea if you have a limited area for gardening.

Here they put little pots:

Succulent grow well in the mattress springs



Mattress Spring Flower Wall

Stuffed Animal Storage

All those stuffed animals can be difficult to keep corralled. Try cleaning up an old plant hanger,  painting and hanging it in your child’s room to keep the animals off the floor. I am doing this one for sure!

Photo: Courtesy of DIY Inspired

Stuffed Animal Storage

Isn’t that awesome.

Old Cart


Oh how I love that cart above filled with such beautiful flowers!Do you like these kind of posts? More to come.




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  1. I’ve seen some of those in your posts before, but what hit me now is pull-up tabs for picture frame. I have a picture that needs hanging, and I’ll definitely use your idea – thank you, darling!


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