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Easy Upgrades For Starter Home

Even if your starter home isn’t exactly the stuff of dreams, there are ways to transform a basic setup into a space that reflects your style. Even that basic cookie cutter home can transform into your unique, beautiful space.

Make It Yours

Before moving in, have all of the walls repainted or wallpaper a powder room or entry. Once your furniture arrives, your home will feel like it has always been your own. I like to go into the kitchen and line all the cupboards, and the ones in the bathrooms.


Upgrade the Architecture

Architectural details really help to create a finished rich look. If your starter home is lacking in this area, go for a true weekend project and add crown molding or upgrade the baseboards.


Rethink Lighting

Light fixtures are just as important as art and are the place to really show off your style. You would be amazed by how transformative a new dining room light or bathroom fixture can be.


Dress the Windows

Many times I walk into homes that young clients have been in for over a year and their windows are completely naked or have sheets nailed or taped onto the windows! Windows are something practical that everyone has, and they need to be covered in order to block light when needed.


Swap Out Old Hardware

My solution for easily upgrading a starter home is to replace the light fixtures and door hardware. This instantly gives your doors a uplift!

101507068.jpg.rendition.largest (1)

Take Risks

Now is the best opportunity to make choices and take risks before your needs begin to sway toward family-oriented choices. Use wallpapers, colors, and patterns that push you beyond your own comfort level. This is the time to learn about defining your own style.


Personalize with Paint

The very first thing I would do is paint. Builder-grade beige screams ‘cookie cutter,’ while adding colors that flow well from room to room and reflect your personal style will upgrade a home in an instant. If you paint before you move in, you don’t have to worry about getting paint on the furniture. Would you believe, I have that same hanging light in my craftroom!


Go Grand

Furniture with detailed or grand-scale trim is a great way to start. Also, try adding architectural detail to the actual finishing trims in your home.


Consider Versatility

My favorite budget-friendly solution for window treatments are solid neutral panels. They go with pretty much any design style you have in your home — whether contemporary or country and everything in between. You can easily dress them up by dying them a color or by adding a border with ribbon.


Aren’t these with the pom poms cute! So easy to make the pom poms yourself and add to a pair of neutral curtains.






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