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Easy to Make Straw Heart

I wanted to make a special gift for my best friend for valentines day. Her favorite color is turquoise…’s easy to make even for kids!


I had a 12″ straw heart that I had purchased from a craft store. The only other items you will need is a box of pins, and 1/3 yard of material, pinking shears, ruler. Be sure the material is a small pattern, and you can see the pattern a little on the back. You don’t want the back to be white. If you don’t want to use pins…especially with children…you can puch them down with a flat head screwdriver or a pencil.
straw-heart-crafts-valentines-day-ideas-wreaths (1).jpg
 Pinking shears work great for this project because it keeps the cut ends from raveling. Lots of pins! the first thing you do is lay out your material. Fold your material in half, good side facing each other. Then you want to make 2″ squares with a pencil.
Then you get to cut them all out! It goes pretty quickly. You end up with loads of squares! You can start anywhere on the heart. There are no right or wrong ways. Now you are going to start adding the squares you cut. This is the time consuming part. Easy…but something you can do watching a movie.
You start by taking one of the squares, and push a pin through the front side in the center of the square. (for the younger kids, if your worried about the pins, you could  use a skewer, pen, anything firm and small)You then push the pin into the heart. When you add the next square leave just a little space between. Don’t bunch them too tight or you will run out of material and it won’t look as nice when your done. It doesn’t look that great when you startstraw-heart-crafts-valentines-day-ideas-wreaths-4

But it fluffs up and looks better as you go. Don’t be discouraged. Just keep adding to the front and sides.


It’s getting there…..You can add a flower, bow, or anything you want. Another idea popped just in my head, , this is pretty awesome…I love it…. I added 2 lines of a contrasting color to the sides….love it!


This is such a easy project….and it looks so pretty….isn’t this a wonderful gift! You can change the colors to red material and the bottom a white. Your kids could make this easily also. USA, LLC 



23 thoughts on “Easy to Make Straw Heart”

      1. The key word here is could not would. But it has sparked an idea of something I could make for each of my sisters. If I do act on it I’ll be sure to send you a photo.


    1. Of course you can…it’s really easy Sheree! Love how you spell your name. I think I told you I had a stepsister many years ago. Her name was changed from sherry to sheree because of a boat. We all had the ‘ee’ put on the end of our names. The boat was named after my mom, Shirlee. Good times!

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