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Valentines Banner

Well I have found one for all of you out there that wants to add Valentine decor to your home. This is a VERY easy and inexpensive, and quick valentine craft, that just about anyone can do….fun for kids too!
Gather some colored paper…pinks and reds and any other color you want to throw in the mix. Scrapbook paper works well too! (Dollar Tree)
  • valentines banner
I would suggest making one 6″ heart, then using it as a template for the others. Cut out as many hearts as you like. The more hearts..the longer your banner will be. I wrote some little messages on them and then punched a hole on each side.
  • valentines banner
Then I took some colored string….(Dollar Tree) sells packs of 3 colors)
  • valentines banner
You pull the string through the front of the first heart to the back and into the opposite side. Doing it this way will keep the string from going side to side in front of heart
  • valentines banner
This is what it looks like when hung….I placed mine on the mantel with tape. See, it’s that easy….and so inexpensive! Gather the kids…I am sure they can think of some really cool stuff to put on the hearts!

Materials used for this project:

  • Colored paper/scrapbook paper   (a Dollar Tree)
  • Colored string   (a dollar store)

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22 thoughts on “Valentines Banner”

  1. So cute. My Aunt just told me that those little candy hearts with sayings on them are no longer available because the company went bankrupt. I was shocked to hear this of course, I remember getting those as a kid. These banners of yours are the perfect substitute for those little messages of love.

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