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Valentines Burlap Heart

This is a really easy craft project, will take you less than 15 minutes to do either one of these wreaths, and I found all my supplies at the Dollar Tree. It all started with 3 items….and flowers
  • flower wreath
You can find the wreath, burlap ribbon and the flowers all for $1 each. I started by wrapping the first burlap ribbon all around the heart wreath….enough was in 1 pkg of burlap to make it all around the heart…what luck!! That means I have some for another project!
  • flower wreath
Then I started wrapping the burlap with pretty white edges around the wreath. I had to use a second pkg of the ribbon for the bow. This is what it is like when finished. To hold the edges down I used hot glue.
  • flower wreath
Now which flowers should I use…hmm
  • flower wreath
I placed the daisies on the right bottom side. Then added a ribbon.
  • flower wreath
Do you like it??? Wasn’t it easy! Well I did another one….same steps as before….but I added roses and hearts…
  • flower wreath
Which is your favorite? Best thing is you can purchase all of these items at the Dollar Store

Materials used for this project:

  • Heart wreath, burlap ribbon, flowers   (Dollar Tree)

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