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Glass Gem Candle Holder

The following is a very inexpensive and easy project, and one you will be proud of.

I wanted to do a project with some items I could pick up at a dollar store. A craft that ‘anyone’ can do. I grabbed a small round glass vase, candle holder, and glass gems and a flame less led timer tea light

DSCN5009 1

I use the Gorilla Clear Outdoor Glue if I’m going to keep outside. You can use hot glue, if you are keeping inside the house. will melt off in the sun/heat

I started by gluing the glass gems all around the bottom of the vase.. I put a dab of the glue on a gem, then let it sit a couple of minutes. I did this to a few


I then added them to the bottom of the vase.


See how pretty it is looking!  I added crushed shell I had purchased from Walmart.I then put some glue on the candle holder.


I then placed the round vase I decorated on top of the holder:

DSCN5056 (2)

I put a flameless led candle inside….It really looks pretty! The timer is so perfect…comes on and off when you want! (note: the candle holder is upside down on purpose. It looked better with the vase)

See how easy that was!!! You can do it too!!! USA, LLC


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      1. I’m doing good thanks, I was actually over in the US when the lockdowns started but back home now. Hope you’re keeping well too

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      2. I always enjoy my trips to the US, it was a fun 8 weeks before returning to England 🙂


      3. I was in Washington State, seems like such a long time ago now! Hope you’re doing well 🙂


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