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Learn How to Create a 3-D Holiday Card

I just saw this tutorial, and thought you might love to see!

by Roni Johnson I was so excited when I found out one of our challenges this month was focused on Winter Windows. Immediately, I knew I wanted to make a shadow box card looking out over the wintery countryside. I didn’t want a tiny little card though so I remembered a lucky find at a […]

via Learn How to Create a 3-D Holiday Card — Imagine Blog USA, LLC 


17 thoughts on “Learn How to Create a 3-D Holiday Card”

      1. Oh that sounds so beautiful. I remember when I lived near the beach, going to see the fireworks off the boats….so magicial. I wish you could see the ‘grunion run’ ….it truly is magical!!

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      2. A couple times a year these silvery small fish come in on the waves to lay eggs. It’s gorgeous! The moon is shining on the waters and you see thousands of silvery sparkles in the waves….gorgeous! Only on the Pacific coast though~
        PS…she always is under the bed.

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