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Color or Clear?

My son just came into the living room where I have just finished hanging the lights on the tree. To say he dislikes my choice, is an understatement. He left the room and came back later stating he asked on facebook. What kind of lights do you put on your tree, multicolor or clear/white.

I did a thing with ribbon this year and was excited and wanted him to see it. He didn’t even notice the ribbon…what!!! All he saw was the lights, and said awful.

Don’t ask me which one…I would love to know what kind of lights you hang up. Please.

Warm/Cool White or Multicolor.

50 thoughts on “Color or Clear?”

      1. Three – the boys are 30 and 35 and my daughter will be 28 at the end of the month. It’s our first Christmas since losing my husband earlier this year, so while it won’t be easy, we’re still trying to make it special. 😊


      2. Oh Felicia, I am so sorry. This may be a hard one. I remember the first year after losing my husband, it is very hard. Remember he is in each and everyone of your childrens heart, and I know he is watching over all of you with love. Merry Christmas ❤️️

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      1. Usually yes but not this year. I’ve started packing everything away so I’m just not in the mood. I’m going to put up a small tree just because my grandson will be here, if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t bother. It’s just too much hassle when we’re trying to pack stuff up ready to move.


      2. Oh, I just moved Nov 1st. I know what you mean. I unpacked the boxes, but I kept all decor and art packed. This way I didn’t have to decorate the house, then decorate fall real quick, then Christmas. I was so tired from this move, my head was spinning. Wrong time to move for sure.

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  1. 💡 x-mas lites❓ um… my choice would be running 5 strings of LED’s & driving em through a digital possessor remotely controlling 20 shades of each primary colour blending, fading, blinking and synchronized with the room sounds ie: music or TV. You can even turn on all purple when daddy gets up for a beer at 🏈 halftime 😉

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    1. Dolly, I have learned to let things just ‘slide off’, I just didn’t think I would get such a strong dislike from him. That’s what I get for trying to change things up. I also wrapped the tree, which he wasn’t used to either. I guess to much change, haha shocked him! That may be true to most men, but not mine. He wanted color!

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  2. Not having my tree up this year, but when I do, my lights are blue. My tree is white and with the decorations and these lights it gives a frosty feeling. (You will see older posts of last year, of this tree, on my blog.)
    Before that, my tree was green and I had warm white lights on, to make a change from multicoloured lights I have always known.


  3. Did he help decorate? if not then he has no say so. No one helps me and I do what I want. a couple of years ago I didn’t want to go to the shed for all the christmas stuff so I bought a new tree it was white I bought red lights and red ribbons and that was all I did to decorate the tree it ended up looking pink when the lights were lit. Too bad you didn’t help you have no say so. LOL Last year I didn’t have much space so I bought a 3 foot tree and set it up on my grandmothers sewing machine table. That one came pre lit with colored lights. A friend of mine bought a new tree this year hers came pre lit and has a switch to choose colored or clear lights.


    1. Oh, I always do what I want. I just say, if you want it a certain way, they you should have been out there helping me. They also want a fresh tree not artificial each year, and I do. I just love the nobles, I can hang my heavier ornaments on them. Plus the delicious aroma…love that the most…fills the house. But I almost bought a artificial one this year. I may wait until after Christmas and get one on sale and use next year.


  4. I mainly use white because I have a pre-lit tree, but this year I went red. What I do change out each year are the ornaments. They will be blue, pink, purple, red, multi, etc. This year is red and white and so my lights are red with white and red ornaments.


    1. I’m the same way Ginny. When the kids were younger I used the color. I started using cool white after they had grown a few years but they always commented on wanting the color. I always went with both outside…Now with grandchildren I am wanting color again.


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