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Window Garland Sparkle

Hi everyone! Do you have a window in your house that gets a lot of sun? I have one in my dining room.  Actually it is a bay window.

Now I didn’t go all out on this on this, just simple, but so pretty. I have some Christmas balls that sparkle so much. They are made of gold glass like mosaic covering the whole ball. Now if you don’t have any balls that sparkle, you can add sequins, mirrors, or anything that sparkles in the sun.

This idea is so beautiful! When the sun hits those balls, it sends out small circles of sparkle all over the dining room! It is so beautiful. Like the 80’s dome ball. I first noticed it on my Christmas tree, sparkling all across the room from them on the tree.

All you need is garland, with or without lights, and the balls. I bought a bunch of sequins on a string. Dollar store! I tied the ends to the ball and to the garland and let them hang down, so the sun would be sure to hit them.

Remember, if you don’t have these kind of balls, you can make them. Dollar store (there I go again) has Styrofoam balls. Just cover the balls with tiny mirrors (from a craft store) or glitter….You can use the metal top hanger from another ball and glue it onto the top of the Styrofoam ball. Then  hang it with yarn, sequin on a string (dollar store) and attach to garland. This is what it looks like…It’s not that great of a pic…but you get the idea…


notice the dollar store solar figures…they dance so cute with the sun!

This is what it looks like at night with the lights on….


really simple, understated….but you can see in this pic how the Christmas balls make the rooms ceiling and walls sparkle. It looks magical…I’m all for setting a scene..and sparkle!


Do you see the reflections the sun makes when it hits the balls…love it! USA, LLC


51 thoughts on “Window Garland Sparkle”

  1. Very pretty! I too have popcorn ceilings — actually mine are “turkey stomps” or some ugly thing)…anyway, my contractor says that it’s easier to cover it up with thinner dry wall than to scrape all that down. I was hesitant to agree because ceiling height is everything, but we just did it in our guest bath remodel and honestly, you cannot tell the difference.

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  2. I love the way the sunlight shining thru makes them dance on the walls, so pretty. Your patio and yard looks so pretty, we are getting ready for that big artic freeze coming in brrrrrrrr.

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    1. I just wanted to tell you a few months ago I discovered brick clips and they are wonderful, they make hanging greenery on my mantle so much easier and I can hang things outside on the brick now. They are very inexpensive I got mine on Amazon.

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      1. No they clamp onto the bottom edge and the top edge of the brick, but when I was looking for these they had other hangers and I think I saw something for stucco. I didn’t read it because I don’t have stucco, so sorry!

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      1. You just had to tell me that didn’t you, haha. I really don’t mind snow that much when it is fresh fallen, but they salt the roads and plow them and everything gets so dirty and the salt is not good for the cars, and when you pull into your garage all that dirty mess drips off your car. so I basically stay home, which doesn’t bother me one bit.
        What is really pretty is at Christmas time when it snows and at night it is so quiet and you look outside and see the Christmas lights reflecting on the snow it is just beautiful.

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      2. Your making me so jealous….but it snows in the mountains here and looks so beautiful on the mountain tops. I visited a friend in Tahoe, the snow was so heavy. Having to salt and shovel the walkways, the car…how does anyone do that day after day??


      3. In the city’s they have to, but out here in the country we don’t. Years ago I lived in the city and it is mandatory you clear the sidewalk in front of your house and keep it clear, and it wasn’t an easy chore believe me especially if it is a wet heavy snow. Out here in the country we don’t have sidewalks the only thing we have to worry about is our driveway and we don’t worry about that unless the snow is over a foot then we get a tractor and clear it. I really am not looking forward to the winter whether it really causes me to have a lot of pain, I have Fibromyalgia and damp cold really makes it flare up, that is the main reason I no longer like winter.

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      4. Oh Patty, I have FM also. Thank goodness the weather here is dry. My
        friend I visited in Tahoe has a snow plow. He wakes early and plows the streets and driveways for his customers. Amazing all the snow. Be sure to keep bundled up!


      5. Then you know what I’m talking about. I have great snow gear, A snow plow really wouldn’t work well for us unless it was a riding blower and I hate to think what they would cost, our driveway is too long and we live on a little bit of a hill, Like I said unless the snow gets over a foot we really don’t have to worry about it and one swipe with the tractor takes care of it. The weather is changing now the temperature has started dropping. They said we wouldn’t get much snow out of this artic front, but north of us I think they are really going to get it.
        Maybe I can get some crafting done.

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