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Cool Dorm Room Products Your Kid Seriously Will Love


Bedside Storage Caddy

This hanging caddy will help your student keep all their dorm essentials organized and in one spot. Use it to store a laptop, phone, notebooks and books along with pens and highlighters.

bandaidFirst Aid Kit

Accidents will happen so make sure your child is prepared. This  first aid kit comes in a soft case and has all the essentials for those cuts, bruises and scrapes.


Power Strip

Make sure all your student’s electronics are ready to go with this6-outlet power strip surge protector. It includes four USB charging ports.


College Cookbook

There will come a day when your child starts complaining about dorm food. That’s when this 5-Ingredient College Cookbook will come in handy. It offers delicious meals for students on a budget.


Portable Safe

Your child can keep all their dorm room valuables safe in this portable, under-bed safe. It is easy to move, comes with steel cables to secure it to something permanent and is a great place to store a wallet, passport, laptop or tablet.


Drawer Organizers

Dorm room storage space is at a premium so it’s important to make the most of every square inch. These foldable drawer dividers will help your child keep clothing and other items organized and in their proper place.


LED Photo Display

Your child will be able to display their favorite photos and light up their dorm room with this LED string light display. It has 10 photo clips with warm LED lights for a soft glow.

trayBunk Buddy Bedside Shelf

Have bunk beds? No problem! This bedside shelf easily attaches to the side of the bed to hold a cell phone, drinks or an alarm clock.


LED Desk Lamp

This dimmable LED desk lamp will help light up your student’s work space, and it has a handy integrated organizer for pens and other small objects. It also features a USB charging port, temperature read out and a basic clock and calendar.


Clip-On Fan

Dorm living will be a breeze with this portable clip-on fan. It can be used on a table top or clipped onto a bunk railing or the edge of a desk



32 thoughts on “Cool Dorm Room Products Your Kid Seriously Will Love”

  1. I love those ideas and as someone said and I agree, I would love em. I do have one thing though,out of what you listed and that’s the peg lights.


    1. That’s a good one! I love the first one…the storage that fits under the first mattress.I purchased that for my son, and one for myself…so handy having everything right there when ya need them.


  2. I am a College student and Lifestyle blogger, and these are things I will definitely be using in my dorm room now. Love your blog!


    1. Hi Charley! I am so glad you liked my post! I love the first one for sure, I purchased two of them, my sons swear by them! Best of luck in school and your continued journey! 🤗❤️️


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