Trash to Treasure

Patio Set Makeover

I did this project over a year ago, it’s a great example of  how you can turn someones trash into something beautiful!


I found this patio set at a garage sale…$15. It was in pretty sad shape, but for the money, it was worth trying to repair.


The chairs had splits in them, and the table was almost broken in half. After a lot of sanding, I have decided to paint them.I figured out which way I wanted to go with the table and chairs. Now it was a big thing for me to paint teak. I know there are some out there that are shaking their heads, don’t paint teak. If this set was in good condition, I would have just stained. I took the doggies with me, and headed to Home Depot. They love going, the lady that works behind the counter in paint,always have treats for them. (getting off track talking about the doggies)
Anyway, I purchased some cans of Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 2 3 primer in the spray cans.. There were so many cracks and crevices in the chairs, I knew it would be easier for me, and take up less time spraying them on instead of brushing. One chair done with priming


Notice the cracks in the wood on the seat. The primer/sealer will keep all the oils from coming out from the wood, and seal .
This makeover will take a bit of time. The table had a horrible crack right down the middle. I had to turn it over, take a piece of scrap wood and wood glue and clamp it down. I then put in some short wood screws to keep it in place. I turned it over next day, put wood filler in crack on top, then primed. This is the first coat on.


I just love the way this set turned out! It brightened up my backyard.
You know who else loves the patio set…My little hummingbird! He loves to sit atop my chandelier above the patio set.


Isn’t he sweet! He loves swinging on the chandelier in the breeze…his favorite hangout….close to feeder….but he doesn’t share except his little girl friend.



All the sanding was worth the end result….I won first place! I am so proud of myself!

Products I used:

The cans are on sale for less than $3 each on Amazon! What a deal!!


58 thoughts on “Patio Set Makeover”

  1. this! I have always loved colorful chairs on a patio set. This is very beachy! Nicely done.

    I sure don’t understand why I can’t comment on your blog. I don’t go to Facebook for this, I don’t Twitter, word press? Don’t know what that is. How come I can’t just comment? Like I can on other blogs. Anyway I suppose this is personal, if you want to add my comment to your blog that’s OK too.

    How is the moving coming? I am always curious. Are you staying in the palm Desert Palm Springs area?.

    Tata for now Bernice

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    1. I certainly have a lot of them in the yard! It’s so fun to watch them, especially the little guy on the chandelier! I did sell that home, but I still have the chandelier ready for another!

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    1. haha Oh, I heard that so much when I first posted this last year!🤗❤️️I would have never painted the teak if there was any chance of saving. I always use the oils on my teak so it doesn’t dry out.

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