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Shaggy Ottoman

A few months ago, when taking my doggies for a walk, I found these outdoor foot stools discarded on the curb . My bestest friend in the whole world walks with me every night with her doggie. If you’ve been following my projects, then you KNOW, I love free finds. They were in good condition. I knew sooner or later I would do something with them. You should have seen it. I was walking two doggies, and trying to carry 2 foot stools, walking down the street….hahaaa


Well, I spray painted the whole thing with  Rustoleum  Rubbed Bronze Spray paint…


I had known exactly what I was going to do with the footstool. I had recently made a rag rug that I was so happy with, you saw it here, I thought I would use a similar, but different, technique. I purchased 3 different types of yarn, in various thicknesses, hemp string, foam   and a non slip rug protector. For the next few days, I was watching movies and working on it.


This is what I purchased….this pic also shows what the back looks like when done…What I did was find a small book 6″ wide.  You could also use a piece of cardboard cut 6″.  I wrapped, and wrapped, and wrapped one of the yarns around it. ‘like your making a pom pom’ then cut at the top, then bottom…there you go…lots of pieces at once. Do this with all the yarns.I used 3 Rolls of the larger Yarn and just 1 each of the other yarns.


Start at one end. You slip a crochet hook in one little square with a strand attached and come up on the one next to it.then tie a knot. Keep going..using a random pattern. This is what the back of it looks like when your finished. I watched movies and did this. It took lots of hours….so take your time and know this isn’t a rush job. It will take time.



This would look so much better on a ottoman, I had put some new fabric around it. Then on the lid…I did the same technique.


So what I am trying to prove to you is you can do this shaggy piece, and put on anything. Ahhh, my toes are so comfy!!! I must also add…if you saw this in a store, it wouldn’t cost $50.  You could make a rug, by figuring out the size you want, then cutting it into fourths and let your family each work on a section!!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC 


45 thoughts on “Shaggy Ottoman”

    1. Our city has a spring cleaning twice a year. Everyone puts junk they don’t want on the curb for the sanitation dept to pick up. This is how I came across so much goooood junk! Wasn’t junk though after some love.

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  1. I think I’m going to ask my son to build me a square box out of 1×8 wood then buy legs from Home Depot. Lastly I will try to make the shaggy top. I’ll save that for fall though.


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