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ReCycle Those Containers!

Do you have empty plastic containers like this??? This is a really cute project and keeps those plastic containers out of landfills.

Does your little one have the Little Pets Shop characters? If so…this is a adorable project. I remember when I watched two little girls during the summers. We purchased some of these each week, and had quite a collection. Wish I would have thought of this …

First draw with a marker….a door


Then cut out the door sides, leaving the bottom of the door on, and put that flap on outside of container. Then on the side of the container… draw a  little window, then cut out the same way as you did the door…put bottom flap inside..

Reciclando-embalagens-de-material-de-limpeza 01

Now mod podge some fabric on the flaps, you can even make a window like below on the other side….add little curtains with glue.

Reciclando-embalagens-de-material-de-limpeza 02

Here is another….because one is not enough for all the little pets…easily add flowers around the door with permanent markers.

Reciclando-embalagens-de-material-de-limpeza 03

You can make many windows at different levels, with the flap inside for them to sit on.

Reciclando-embalagens-de-material-de-limpeza 04

Aren’t these cute!!!

Reciclando-embalagens-de-material-de-limpeza 06.jpg

You can decorate with ribbons, stickers, just about anything. Make each one different..

Reciclando-embalagens-de-material-de-limpeza 05

Have fun with this…using your own decorating personality.

My brain is in overdrive again….I was thinking…smaller containers could be used like this for fairy gardens. Just purchase the small pebbles (they have bags of them at dollar stores) glue them onto the jug, add moss, sticks around windows and door…how cute.

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61 thoughts on “ReCycle Those Containers!”

      1. I do love inexpensive crafts, that’s why I keep finding ideas to make something out of “trash”, it feels like victory if it turned out beautiful and useful. 😀


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