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Fun Banners

DSCN2450 (2).JPG

For this project you will need Scrapbook pages in patriotic colors. You start by cutting the paper in half. Take one half and start at the widths end, and fold under and fold back over like you’re making a fan.



Then you fold it in half again, and press down on the folded part really hard with your fingers to strengthen that fold. Be sure the ends line up with each other and glue the ends together. You can use Aleenes tacky glue or hot glue.
Now take the two ends and bring together and glue…it will look like this:


Then I decided a star would be perfect in the middle


Added glitter around the edges!


Then I started making a bigger one….


This one is bigger. What I did was cut the blue scrap paper in half again, make the folds on both, then glue them together. You glue them just in the middle, making a bigger fan. Then you do the same with a contrasting paper. Then you glue the blue to the red on both sides.then I added glitter

DSCN2450 (2).JPG



40 thoughts on “Fun Banners”

      1. I’d love to try it w my grandson!! Thanks!! 🙌❤️Grammas always lookin for neat things n he loves making things already at 3!!!!

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      2. Aww that’s neat.
        They grow up too fast!!
        I cherish my time w him. N soon in July. I’ll be adding a granddaughter!!! 🙌

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      1. We did have a July 4th party once, which is unusual in Australia. I remember looking up recipes for southern fried chicken. It was delicious.


      2. You haven’t had fried chicken since??? Even though it was delicious? Add some crunched up potato chips to the coating…kids love and adults too. I did that with chicken breast, they loved the chicken nuggets.


      3. I think I did have it once again. I wanted to do it the way it traditionally is cooked. I researched a lot, and as I recall it was soaked first in buttermilk, then dipped in flour and spices, and deep fried in lard or dripping (I can’t remember which). Then the fat was poured out, and milk was added to the pan residue to make a gravy. It was absolutely delicious, but a heart attack in every bite. Im not if that is the authentic recipe, but it was what seemed to be the consistent thread through all the posts. Is that how you would make it?


      4. Just flour, finely crushed potato chips and spices mixed, white chicken breast pieces dipped in egg whites. They have air fryers now…I wonder how they work. I haven’t made these in years, I try to stay away from anything fried. ❤️️ am I a contradiction??

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