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A Few Of My Favorites This Past Year

Summer means more time to do DIY projects! I have had so much fun this past year sharing my DIY projects with you! Here are some some of my favorites of the year.

seashell-outdoor-table-outdoor-furniture-outdoor-living (5)

This one actually got lost. I just realized it today. I loved this project.. Outdoor Seashell Table

My favorite DIY Project (Just because I am still in love with them, and I saved thousands) First a small bathroom with ugly marbled fake stuff. Check out the sink…it matches counter top!


Feeling confident, and the estimate was over $8000, I did this Giani Kit on my kitchen counters. This stuff is fabulous! You will love the look and instead of spending thousands, you only spend $79. Everything but the plastic and painters tape is included.


Outside I was playing with Garden Decor when I came up with these:

I love the light I made to hang in the Pergola. These Gazing Ball Stakes above

Some of the best Crafts I have done, I think, are the ones I made with paint sticks. I did this wonderful post about some of the wonderful projects you can make,  using paint sticks. You can find it here:

Do you ever start creating things and end up creating even more projects from that craft? I did.

I started by making this Rug Rag.


Then I took this stool I found left on a curb, I cleaned, painted, then made a shaggy top:


Then this one on a different ottoman:

dscn4471 (1)

Then I did a major makeover on this ‘Crusty Heirloom Chair‘ :

So many more, so much more fun. I really want to take this time for making this such a fabulous year! I have made so many new friends, and I feel blessed! Thank you, thank you all for your encouragement and sticking by me, and in my DIY obsession.



49 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorites This Past Year”

      1. Probably! I might do it a tad differently, maybe put some flowers on it or something!
        I really LOVE the idea! I will post about this when I make it!

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  1. In the short time I have followed your blog this year, I have loved your posts that you have shared. It proves what you can do to re-purpose things, at little or no cost. I have really enjoyed following.


      1. If I had a garden, then yes, I would have picked them up. But I would have been clueless what to do with them, until I came across your blog.

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      2. Look at it as practice Liz. Rustoleum, and I’m sure other brands sell a handle with a handle on a nozzle. You attach a spray paint, and you don’t have to worry about thumbs becoming sore or numb, and getting painted. Have fun experimenting. So many options. You have a very creative ‘hat’…..I know your going to think about it! Spray half and half…like half a chair painted one color vertically and other half a different color. ❤️️🤗

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      3. If I was doing a project like this at any point, my only option would be to paint by brush, with me living in a flat. Any projects would have to be indoors, where I could keep my eye on them.
        It’s not something I plan to do soon, but yes, definitely something I could do at some point. 😊

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    1. Thank you Robin, you are always so sweet! I finished my second flip! It took 8 months, the surgeries really took up so much of my time. Pain didn’t help. But I can honestly say, I put my blood, sweat, and tears, into it! haha (not really kidding ). I am finally free of casts and boots,my toes are free!!!
      This last one, with the surgeries, was just a pain. But it’s over, for now. I will take a breather.❤️️🤗❤️️

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    1. Hi Crystal, thank you so much for asking….that is Gidget. She is Maltese and Yorkie mix. She is 5 lbs. What a personality she has! The pillows are from TJ Maxx.


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