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Little Bits

I made this headband holder for all the headbands I made for my granddaughter. All you need is a round oatmeal cylinder, some material, dowel, ribbons, paint, and a piece of wood for the base.

headband holder, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling

This project was so easy. I covered the oatmeal cylinder with material, leaving a couple of inches on each side. Reminds me of a tootsie roll. Tie one end with a ribbon. Keep the other end open, this is the side with the lid. Keep the lid off for now. Then figure how long you want the dowel, cut if needed. Paint the dowel and the base. Now, cut a small hole into the fabric and oatmeal cylinder. This will be for the dowel to go into. Insert the dowel. Now your going to hot glue all around the dowel inside the cylinder. Be sure the glue has dried before going on to the next step. When finished, put lid back on, and add a ribbon to that side. I cut out butterflies with a punch and glued onto the base and up he dowel.
Mariah (11 years old) came over yesterday, she was on a mission. With a large canvas in hand, she asked if I would help her make a bulletin/chalkboard for her room. I’m still not driving, so we had to go with what I have on hand.
We started by painting half of the canvas with Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint. Be sure to stir really well.
pretty bulletin
We put on 3 coats. So I was looking through my ‘stuff’ and found some  burlap with sparkles…so pretty.
pretty bulletin
Isn’t it pretty! So I started on one side…glued it down, and stretched tight to the other side and glued it down.
pretty bulletin
It looked pretty but, there was a small 1/2″ gap in the center. I was thinking cork across. The only cork I had was from these painted circles. So we cut a couple of strips and glued it to the middle.
pretty bulletin
Then we painted the yellow a more tan color to match the burlap. Then I had these empty ‘Crystal Light’ containers. Mariah cut them to size. She wanted one for pencils, and another for colored pencils, etc.
pretty bulletin
Then we took painters tape and made a diagonal shape.  Then painted below the tape a white.
pretty bulletin
We removed the tape, and Mariah put some pretty sequins on them.
pretty bulletin
If you notice in the center of the cork there is a line….we covered it with a small pretty blue bright plastic flower On the right, we glued on magnets, so she can add this little container filled with pins. So what do you think?

Doggie Organization

I have two doggies, Diesel and Gidget. I try to walk them at least twice a day. They have so much stuff as you can see below in the pic. This stuff pictured is what we use all the time.
doggie organization, organizing
I wanted to figure out a storage solution for the items we always use. I wanted them to be easy to see and grab what I needed when heading out the door. Convenience and Organization….here is my solution to putting these things in the closet, by the front door.
doggie organization, organizing
It’s one of those hook with velcro over a closet pole. I am pretty sure it is for shoes….but look at how easy it is for me. I not only can see everything, but I can grab stuff without digging or searching for anything. I am sooooo happy with this. Gidget has lots of harnesses as you can see, but they are put in a row, and Diesels is on the other side! Love it.
doggie organization, organizing
And yes…Gidget has her place in my closet. I have a walkin closet and her stuff I put on the lower pole and with a small pole and 2 chains I made a second hanging area…her clothes are small. And no, I don’t dress her up all the time.
So I hope some of you can use this storage solution..

Birdie in Cage

A lot of people have pretty birdcages….yet they don’t know what to do with them. Lots of people put flowers, candles, and decorate for the holidays. Well I found 3 birdcages discarded on the road. I had already used one for my hummingbird nest I found in my yard. Then when I was in Home Depot I spotted this cute little guy!

birdie in cage, crafts, how to, painting

Isn’t he the cutest! He looks so real…..he needed a beautiful cage to live in. The first thing I did was paint the cage.

birdie in cage, crafts, how to, painting

The bird came with the log it’s sitting on, a air plant on the side and a ring and chain to hang. I used Rustoleum Gold Metallic on the cage. I then covered the bird and sprayed the ring and chain he was attached to.

birdie in cage, crafts, how to, painting

When dry….It was easy to attach inside of cage. I had to use wire cutters to make the side opening bigger to fit him inside.
birdie in cage, crafts, how to, painting

I have this tea light dragonfly. I’ve had it for many, many years. I decided it’s time to give it a makeover. Now my friend, the one who claimed the starfish wreath, was here and fell in love with it. After I cleaned it,I poured a cup of coffee and started figuring out my strategy for this cute dragonfly. When I went back into my craft room she already had the paint out! She wanted purple! At this point I

dragonfly, bedroom ideas, crafts, lighting

Tip: I always paint things white first. The color you put on top just pops better! Below is what it looked like before painting…She said she wanted it blue, purple, and turquoise…..Waited for it to dry, and then I painted the wings and body the acrylic purple.

dragonfly, bedroom ideas, crafts, lighting, I think it looks pretty like this

I think it looks pretty like this!
At this point I thought it was looking pretty good. I had this sea glass that I had been wanting to use on a project…and this one would look good with it.

dragonfly, bedroom ideas, crafts, lighting

I put it on with Gorilla construction adhesive. On this project I wasn’t doing it with thin set, or grout. It was like putting together a puzzle. When I was done, it looked pretty good. She was thrilled. Then someone got the bright idea of putting some glitter on the body. I had purple glitter, I covered the other parts with newspaper, I then sprayed with a spray adhesive and put on the glitter.

dragonfly, bedroom ideas, crafts, lighting

After I was done with the glitter, I sprayed the whole thing with matte Rust oleum Clear Coat to protect it. this is what it looks like…

dragonfly, bedroom ideas, crafts, lighting

Here’s another pic of her…has to be a girl with all that sparkle!
I’m so glad I take pictures so I can remember my work. Well that’s it! I really am blessed to have such great friends who love my work. So it’s okay if they claim my projects. Besides, can you imagine my home if I kept all this stuff. I also want to thank all of you who are following my creativity, it’s such a compliment to me…thank you!

32 thoughts on “Little Bits”

  1. I am like totally making this headband holder with my littlest granddaughter who has about fifty million headbands, and I am constantly buying her more. One question: what is the purpose of the dowel inside it?

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      1. You have! I think I’m going to try the thing for the headbands. And next birthday party try some of those clothes pin weights with the theme character:).

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    1. Boy, my previous comment didn’t make sense at all. I sipping on my first cup of morning coffee, I will use that as an excuse. But i love the idea of a dolls cradle….adorable. Do you have one made?


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