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Make Your Own Rag Rug!

Hi there! I am finally done with this rug!! A friend asked if I would make her one for her bedroom. Of course, I have nothing else to do …right?!

This is a really easy craft, even your kids could help you.  You only need 3 things…



You can purchase these non skid rug helpers at home improvement stores, craft stores, Walmart…very inexpensive. Three different colors, 1 yrd each.of a lightweight, almost sheer poly. Be sure it has some stretch to it. You can use any kind of fabric…this is just what I used. You can use one of these hook tools, crochet hook,  or any kind you have.Here’s how I did it.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC 

First you need to make long 1 1/2″ strips using all the material. Then you need to make 6″ strips. You can do this by wrapping it around something 6″…I used a book. Try a picture frame,etc. Keep wrapping around and around and around. When you come to the end of the strip, cut each end….like making a pom pom..

Starting from one corner, go inside down  into one opening, then back up in the next opening…


It will look like this:


Pull each end tight and tie a knot:


This took hours and hours. Do this while watching a movie…every night for  a couple of weeks.



Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC 


It is very easy to do, just a bit time consuming…but I think it’s worth it!


The happy look on her face  was so worth the effort.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


70 thoughts on “Make Your Own Rag Rug!”

    1. Ohh, my lady, you are so talented! I would love to see this hat you made, it sounds so pretty, and you made it yourself. I hope your kitties didn’t get a hold of it? Sounds like mohair would just be the perfect material for your kitties to explore and tear apart! Am I being mean….better have some more coffee. heehee

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, darling, that was about 50 years ago, and the hat got ruined – drenched in my blood! – when it saved my life in a car accident. It actually stopped the blood flow by the time ambulance came.
        P.S. How did you know I was having coffee? That chatterbox Pyshka told you again, I bet!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh honey, I am so sorry to,hear about your accident. Thank goodness you made that hat honey, a real life preserver. Still, the kitties would have had a field day with it!
        Yes, the little chatterbox sent me a mindful message…..she keeps me informed….sometimes!

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      3. What is meant to be, will be, darling! One of the 9/11 stories I read was about a man who had to run late for an important business meeting because his wife locked herself out of the house while in her jammies, so he had to turn around and go back home to let her in. Obviously, he lived to tell the story how she had saved his life! You never know why our plans do not matrialize the way we had planned them.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to post this great tutorial and for free! I almost bought a tutorial on Etsy on how to do this so I’m very thankful to have seen your email this morning. Perfect timing before I spent 4.00 for the same information. This is fantastic and something even I can do with my Arthritis! This is a great thing to work on by the pool too! Thanks for sharing your many talents with us

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so welcome Jessica. $4 for info??? That is the reason I started this blog. To show people how they can do projects the easy way, or less expensive.
      Ouch, arthritis is horrible. I have RA and know what you mean. Take breaks, don’t rush. I just did a couple hrs a day during a movie. It took 3 movies.
      I would love to see it when your finished…I’m sure it will be awesome.


      1. Omg! I can’t believe I’m just seeing your message now! Thanks for the encouragement and you’re a funny lady… ❤️


    1. Really???? I taught YOU something?! That is amazing! I am so glad you liked this one. It was fun to make. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!!☺️❤️️❤️️


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