Trash to Treasure

Trash To Treasure Resin Lounge Chairs

I found these 2 lounge chairs at a garage sale….for free! They were filthy, but worked perfectly. And if you know me….I don’t pass up a great find like this.


(Pretty yucky huh?) Would you take these home? I find the most interesting things sometimes while walking my doggies.

I cleaned them up the best I could, but they still looked shabby. After I cleaned them and they dried completely, I used a clear coat by Rustoleum made for plastic. I sprayed on only one coat on each. When that dried I sprayed them with Rustoleum Painters Touch Spray paint in green apple. This Rustoleum is made to paint plastic….that’s important!
I used 2 1/2 cans of the spray paint all together, not counting clear coat…

Look at them now…aren’t they awesome!!!!

finished lounge chair.JPG

I then came up with a great idea for that pot you see between the chairs…you can see at:      It was truly a original wonderful idea. USA, LLC 




So, in closing, if you have some crusty, filthy resin chairs or tables just clean as good as you can, and let dry before applying the clear coat.

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51 thoughts on “Trash To Treasure Resin Lounge Chairs”

      1. If I had a garden and needed garden furniture and seen something like that, I would have had them too, although I did not know, until I read your post that there was paint specially for plastic. So I learnt this, first here.

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  1. I would have snatched them up too! Your new lounges look beautiful! I love the color. Now I need to check out the other post on the sea shell pot. I brought a bunch of shells back from when we were working in Florida and they are still in the milk crate I brought them home in years ago.

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    1. I just love that outdoor table with the seashells. It was one of my first original ideas! It really is a wonderful way to display shells….or a fairy garden would be cute too! How are you doing Robin? Bet your gardens are looking beautiful!

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      1. I’m so sorry, but thanks for letting me know Robin! I changed it, you can see it here: I’m so glad you’re doing better, that’s always good! I’m doing okay, hardly no pain at all, thank you for asking! I have a boot on…a couple more weeks…Then I’ll get a sandal…just glad to be out of cast. I would love to see what you do, a seashell or fairy garden…..or both…why not!

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  2. HI, Kelley! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post – Cats and Dogs and Cliches. I am enjoying my visit to yours. Amazing job on the lounge chairs. Keep up the good work!

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  3. those look amazing. I have been on the hunt for a lounger at a garage sale or thrift store, after seeing a $50 price tag on a big box store lounger that felt was made of tissue paper fabric lol.

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    1. Exactly, these chairs sell for $50 new. They are still in perfect condition! It’s crazy what people leave on the curb.🤗❤️️ Our city has this extra trash day a couple of times a year you can put out what you don’t want on the curb. They pick up for free. This is when I keep an eye out!

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      1. we have garbage every 2 weeks here, 3 pieces of “furniture” can go out on those days. funny story last year on the way to my nieces bday in may we found 2 chairs with cushions, I had just said I was on the lookout for 2 for out front of the house. this year I had told hubz be on the look out for some tires, I want them for planters by my bench, Deja Vu on the way to her birthday this year lol. my neighbor knew as soon as we unloaded them from the car what I was doing with them!

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    1. Oh my gosh, can you believe they were just left on the side of the road!!! Perfect working condition, just dirty!! It really is relaxing, love your idea with the umbrella Ginny! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! have a beautiful day! ❤️️❤️️

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