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Butterfly Mobile

Remember the Beautiful Baby Shower Mobile I showed you the other day? Well, after a friend saw it, she wanted me to help her create a pretty mobile for her room.
I wrote this last summer….reposting for a friend.
My young friend has been spending a lot of time with me during her summer break making crafts. She loves crafting as much as I, well almost. We picked out bright papers at Joann’s to go with her bedroom colors. She saw the mobile I made from Baby Shower papers and fell in love with my idea.
JOANN Stores
For this project you need a butterfly punch (mine is Martha Stewarts) , (or you can use any design punch you would like.) illusion cord, 2 embroidery hoops (larger and smaller) paper or scrapbook paper, pkg. of assorted mirrors, 3 different ribbons and a thinner ribbon for hanging. You will only use one of each embroidery hoops. Mariahs’ sister is going to make herself one with the other 2 hoops.
mariahs-butterfly-mobile-crafts-how-to (1).jpg
We cut the 3 ribbons 4″. I learned, but after doing it of course, that it’s easier to put the strands of butterflies on before tying on the ribbons. I cut 4 lengths of the thinner pink and white polka dot ribbons to 2′. You have to judge how long you want your mobile, and how high your ceiling is. Tie them onto the first larger hoop. Then cut 3 of the same thinner ribbon into 8″ lengths. these will tie onto larger hoop to smaller hoop with about a 4″ drop. This will create the two different levels
After cutting out dozens of butterflies with 4 different scrapbook pages, it was time to put them on. I then took the illusion cord and put a large clip on the end to keep strand in place. Mariah took one butterfly, and put the illusion cord on, then a drop of hot glue, then another butterfly on top
 When our first strand was done, we tied it onto the hoop. For the larger hoop we put about 12 sets of butterflies and one set of mirrors on the end to keep the strand taut. The smaller hoop we put 8 sets of butterflies and one set of mirrors.
After we tied them all on….we were done. Mariahs’ mobile looks beautiful!

Materials I used for this project:

  • 3 Different 5/8″ Ribbons  (Joann)
  • (1) 1/2″ Ribbon for Hanging  (Joann)
  • Illusion Cord .12in  (Joann)
  • 2 Different Size Embroidery Hoops  (Joann)
  • Assorted Round Mirrors  (Joann)
  • Scrapbook Paper  (Joann)

You can do your own colors, use a different punch than we used….use your imagination. Think of metallics, and different shapes.

JOANN Stores 



57 thoughts on “Butterfly Mobile”

    1. I made one for a friend with metallic scrapbook papers….in the round. I was able to find those little craft mirror pkgs the same size as the punched circle. On some, I attached the paper to the back of the mirrors, and others just back to back. This could be done also with crystals!

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  1. This is so adorable, I made a mobile for my daughter too and believe me it did not look that pretty or good. I used beats and it had a few bows. Love yours though

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    1. I put so much love into this project. I had all this paper and bows and ribbons the mom asked me to make something with them…..such pressure! Anyway, I am sure yours is just as pretty…gifts that come from the heart are the best!! Love to see a pic of yours!!!

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      1. Yes Vyvian! And….. It’s fun and easy, and you can do most of it sitting down! Are you going to make this? You can substitute the butterflies to something else. There are so many different punches out there!

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    1. It is pretty easy to do. The most tedious is punching out the butterflies. And that isn’t hard at all….this would be fabulous in their room. So pretty. The girls will love it. I’m so excited to see your creation when your done!!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!


      1. Ive actually got a load of those butterflies ready punched that i bought from someone,i threaded a few onto ribbon and made garlands for the trees ,but obviously they could only stay outside in the height of summer so they didnt get wet !

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      2. That is great! That’s half the work! The rest is easy. Check craft stores for the packaged craft mirrors. Bring a coupon with you. Get the medium size ones. They come in different shapes also. I am so excited for you!

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    1. She chose the colors in her room. It looks so pretty hanging in front of her window. The mirrors capture the sun and reflects pretty circles in her room. She loves it, and I am so proud of her!


  2. I am absolutely gooooggggllleeellllyyyy eyed over it! It ssssooooo pretty! I love it! Had to show off your pretty craft to my mom and 2 sisters, aunts and prego cousins and super prego friend in Houston, Texas ( it became a family affair very quickly), they loved it too!

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    1. Yay! I love hearing your comment! This is one of my really proud moments I had when I completed , this idea! I love it when I get an idea, go with it, and it works! I thought this was such a sentimental memory, that the child would love for years! Thank you for your wonderful comments. Also, use any punch shape you want! I would love to see some of your families completed pics if they do it! I would Love to add to my post😉❤️️

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    2. When I replied to you, I thought it was on the Baby Shower Mobile. But your family and friends will love creating this one in their particular colors. You can use Metallic papers also, for more reflection!


  3. Reblogged this on Haphazard Homemaker and commented:
    I saw this post a few days ago from my friend over at and I just couldn’t stop thinking about how cute this project was, so I decided to share it. This can be made up in any colors of your choice to match your decor, and the butterflies switched out for little animals or birds. The perfect craft to do together with a child.

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