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Happy Memorial Day!


I had this metal vessel in the clearance section. It was calling out to me to ‘Up Cycle’ please.  I thought this is a great gift to give a special neighbor friend.


To start fresh, I started by painting the whole thing inside and out with Rustoleum white spray paint.When it was dry, I used Frog Tape to make the stripes. I put newspaper in back of the heart so the paint wouldn’t get inside.





I then spray painted it with Rustoleum Red Paint. I love the Frog Tape…oies came out sooo good. I cut a piece of cardboard, a bit bigger than the heart. I took Mod Podge, and applied to the cardboard piece. I then put some blue with stars material on top of the cardboard…let dry…then covered with the Mod Podge.3

I found some red, white, and blue beads at the dollar store. I took some wire and wrapped around the 3 different strands, leaving a tail of about 3 inches. I then proceeded to wrap around the wire hanger on top.

patriotic-metal-floral-vessel-crafts-patriotic-decor-ideas-repurposing-upcycling4 (1).jpg

I finished the other the same way, wrapping the wire around the 3 strands, then onto the hanger leaving a 3 inch tail. I picked up some flowers at the dollar store, and there you go! perfect for your home or on your door!
With a little imagination, you can upcycle anything! (well almost)



Happy Memorial Day!! USA, LLC



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