Forest Craft Ideas

I came across this adorable art project and thought it would be such a wonderful project to do for yourself, or with the kids. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!



I usuCally see pictures on Pinterest. With this I get to learn something new from other artists and then try to create something new and different kind of art.

Just like that, one day I was seeing pictures on Pinterest & then I saw a beautiful picture which was of a Bamboo tree. So, seeing that, I thought of making a Paper Bamboo. Even making bamboo tree, the frame was not looking good…I mean, something was still missing on it. That’s why I decided to add some leaves, flowers and a Toucan bird.

So, see the process what I’ve done and make a beautiful forest scene craft.


• Paper frame

3 thin paper (90 GSM)

• 2 thick paper or Cardstock paper

Acrylic paint, Oil Pastel

Paper Cutter, Waterproof gel pen(black)

• Tissue paper

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