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Top Life Hacks Prt 2

My ‘gift’ to you is pretty awesome! I have found these great life hacks searching all over the internet that will help make your life easier. There is something for everyone. Some are so easy, you never thought of….like this one for your kids sandbox…



Isn’t that just a awesome idea….you can even take this idea to the beach!

On the subject of kids…



How about this idea for wifi:



This is a great way to clean the microwave…


I always soak a sponge with vinegar on a glass dish and set that in the microwave for 1 minute to air it out and clean.

While we are in the kitchen, here are some great hacks, the lemons look so pretty after using this technique to cut them..




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This is a great idea…



Love dunking your oreos..



JOANN Stores 



This has always been a favorite to keep kids entertained…I remember doing this when I was a kid…so fun



I just laughed when I saw this one…



A reader suggested I shorten these to just a few posts…I agree…so enough for now…let these simmer. Hope you enjoyed these ideas, and at least one sparked your interest…thank you so much for looking!

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25 thoughts on “Top Life Hacks Prt 2”

  1. Congratulations Linda, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.
    You can see your site link on my page at
    Your enthusiasm really shines through in all your posts. You really do bring joy and inspire others with your projects. I hope this nomination will brighten your day. 🥇


  2. Yes, that rope on the swing made me laugh too. It reminded me of a tennis ball on elastic my son tied to the clothes line for his ball chasing mad dog. The dog would pick up the ball and bring it to be thrown stretching the elastic as he got nearer. As soon as he dropped the ball, off it’d fly on the elastic. Loved that sad pit idea.

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  3. Good stuff for parents – especially the tent/sandbox. We just got rid of ours because of all the surprises the cats were leaving…

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    1. There is a product at the pet store I forget what it was but I sprayed it all along the outside of the sandbox and I never had cats go back in it. It was quite disgusting when my kids would play in the sandbox and find a piece of poop buried in the sand. I’m so glad you enjoyed the article.

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      1. You can use a mixture a builder in water in a spray bottle and spray it around the outside of the sandbox on the ground also if it’s dirt around the sandbox you can sprinkle it with Cayenne pepper or coffee grounds to keep the cats away. Cats have a sensitive noses so they hate the smell of citrus. Lemons and grapefruit are some. You can either leave peels or squeeze/sprinkle them around the ground around the outside of the sandbox.


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