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Did you know that if a Duracell battery leaks, and destroys one of your devices, the company will replace the device if it is sent to them with the defective batteries still in place.

If you work in customer service, put a mirror behind you. Customers will be nicer because no one wants to see themselves being a jerk.

When taking notes in class, always leave a few pages in the front for a table of contents This will make it 100 times easier at the end of the year to study from once you have a full notebook.

In a public bathroom the stall which is the closest to the door is usually the cleanest because it’s the least used.

You can heal paper cuts and immediately stop the pain with chapstick.

You are more likely to remember something you’ve written in blue ink than something you’ve written in black ink.

Looking for something? Scan right to left with your eyes. You’l pick up more since your brain isn’t used to reading that way.

Struggling with your diet? Cut only processed foods. You’ll feel an immediate difference and it will motivate you to keep going!

The faster you eat the more weight you gain.

A venti size at Starbucks fits perfectly into two tall sizes. If you’re with a friend, and just want a tall, it’s cheaper to just split on one

venti. A venti Frappuccino can cost $4.95 and one tall can cost $3.95, you’ll save about $1.50

Nervous about a speech, presentation, or first date? Blow on your thumb. The vagus nerve, which connects to your thumb, controls

your heart rate, and by blowing on it your heart rate will return to normal. Really???

Gatorade or Powerade is only healthy when it’s during a workout, and watered down. Otherwise it’s all just extra sugar and empty calories. USA, LLC 


Health benefits to owning a pet:

Lowers blood pressure
Decreases stress
Eases pain
Promotes exercise
Lowers cholesterol
Improves mood
Improves immunity
Improves quality of life
Helps children develop
Helps people socialize

Sleeping for more than 9 hours at a time can actually damage your immune system

You can add 2 eggs and 1/2 a cup of oil to turn any cake mix into cookie dough.

Surrounding yourself with positive people has actually been proven to increase your life expectancy.

Spending a large amount of time with someone literally causes you to pick up their habits. Choose your friends wisely


Did you know these?

Do you have any of your own you want to share?

Thank you for reading! USA, LLC 


32 thoughts on “Life Hacks”

      1. Several. Definitely the Duracell battery situation. Also, the public bathroom stall selection. I used blue ink exclusively when I was working and was known for it! Now I know I should continue the practice. The Starbucks venti is a no brainer! I only order tall for myself and so does my coffee buddy.


  1. Putting a mirror behind you to improve customers manners had me laughing. What a great idea. And I scanned the room from right to left when I read that. I think you might me right with that one too, I seem to see much more. Great little ideas Kelley.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I loved these. I have never heard about blowing on my thumb! I’ll have to try that sometime.

    Take care,


    Liked by 1 person

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