SeaShell Outdoor Table

I wrote this post last summer. This is one of my favorite original ideas. Now that summer is amongst us, why not create this outdoor table for your family to enjoy!I wanted a small table to go between the lounge chairs I saved from the landfill.
I had a 20″ terra cotta pot that I painted yellow. I purchased a bag of sand and a 24″ glass top. I already had a bunch of  shells.
A terra cotta pot is very heavy. I wanted to be able to move it around without hurting myself…so I gathered pieces of Styrofoam and cardboard to fill the pot 2/3 up from top, this would keep the pot from being too heavy.
seashell-outdoor-table-outdoor-furniture-outdoor-living (1)
I cut a circle from cardboard that fit pretty good on top.
seashell-outdoor-table-outdoor-furniture-outdoor-living (2)
Then I added the sand.
seashell-outdoor-table-outdoor-furniture-outdoor-living (3)
Then I added the shells:
seashell-outdoor-table-outdoor-furniture-outdoor-living (4).jpg
To decorate even more, you can wrap a thick rope around the lip or you can even add rope to the bottom 1/3 rd of the pot. You could also use some heavy E5000 or Gorilla Construction adhesive and glue 3 wheels onto the bottom so you could roll it around.
It is so beautiful….so easy to make…and is a wonderful memento of your happy times at the shore. Think of all those shells you collect, and the special memories behind them.
You will love making this for your patio..
 Your not into the seashore? Well, you can put a cute fairy garden home inside. Of course, with  (fake plants)
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46 thoughts on “SeaShell Outdoor Table”

      1. Τhis joy is not described in words ….. only who really loves children can understand the happiness you feel in this world of innocence !!!
        God bless the children of all the world!!!

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      1. I have a few shells collected from my previous visit to the sea shore and I was thinking what to do with those..i am going to use them to decorate my pen stand

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  1. I am so going to make this one. I never thought of this. I have been collecting rocks and shells from Lake Superior and they are sitting in jars. Thanks for another great idea.

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    1. I am so happy to hear that you were inspired…that makes my day! I had the most beautiful shells that we had collected. I came up with this idea and everyone seems to love it. You will to it’s really a unique idea

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      1. It looks like a great way to do a fairy garden. I’ve had many ideas for fairy garden creations I make to sell at craft shows but have no clue how to display them. Using this technique and building a bunch of fairy gardens is a cute way to show them off.

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      2. It’s an adorable way to display your fairy garden. It’s also very functional as the table. It’s been a wonderful Conversation piece. I am so glad I inspired you. You are really going to love your creation! Thank you very much!

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      1. Thank you so much Robin! Please post your project when your finished! If you do the shells, try tying a piece of ‘craft’ rope around it.


  2. I like this idea. I love DIY, so this is right up my alley. I always like going to the beach and collecting seashells. This is a great way to display the ones I collect. I found this really interesting article about seashells, May I share it with you?


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