Frogs Udate


Hi there, hope your having a great day!
I kinda decked out the frogs, and they look cool.

frogs pond update, outdoor living, ponds water features

I wanted to make a faux pond for them. . I had it all set up in the rose garden, but I couldn’t see it from the house the way it was situated. So back to the drawing board. Now in the meantime while I was trying to figure out a place for it, I painted a pallet in blue colors…

frogs pond update, outdoor living, ponds water features

I love those colors! So beachy! I was going to make it a herb planter. But then a idea struck! Since the frogs were ready, I could make this a neat backdrop for them. Then I thought of making it a billboard with their stage names on it. I made the letters with the glass gems from the dollar store.

frogs pond update, outdoor living, ponds water features

I remember seeing a sign in the dog section at a store, that I loved. It said’ Sandy Paws and Salty Kisses’. It reminds me of the beach and my doggies…so that’s their names. LOL
Next week I am having a pool put in. I want the frogs by one area of the pool…this will look so cute by it, and warms up a corner. I decided to put it up temporary to see how it looked. I had added a net, shells, pearls, starfish and seahorses

frogs pond update, outdoor living, ponds water features

I gathered the blue plastic tarp I had purchased at Walmart..less than
.$3….I racked away the small stones, and cut a oval shape, kinda. I added some gems to the pond…some rocks, Frog King, etc.

frogs pond update, outdoor living, ponds water features

Lots of fans!

frogs pond update, outdoor living, ponds water features

This is how it will sit for the next couple of weeks. I did put a solar spotlight on it for nighttime performances. It is positioned so when your sitting under the pergola, it’s like they are performing for you! Imagination sparks creativity!
The colors I used on the pallet are:
Wildflower Blue USA, LLC


34 thoughts on “Frogs Udate”

  1. Love the overall project, but I especially like the color choices for the pallet. When making a pallet for gardening, did you build it yourself, or just purchased/found it like that? And is there any specific prep you would need to do to use it for gardening?

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    1. Ashley, I found the pallets. When you speak of using for gardening, how were you going to use? Hanging on a wall? Let me know and I will send you instructions. All you would need is a pallet, black plastic, stapler, dirt, plants, and some screws and a drill and paint.

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      1. Hi Kelley, thanks for your willingness to help! I envision using the pallets on the ground, probably raised up a little bit with a base under them. I am looking ahead a bit, because this is a project I won’t be able to start until next season, but it is really helpful to gather information for when I am ready.

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