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Strawberry Pot Makeover

I finally got around to saving this strawberry pot. It was beginning to fall apart. I had some gems left over from the ‘frogs’ project.


If your pot has been used before, a old pot such as this one, soaking the pot in half bleach and half water you need to clean the inside thoroughly. are using will clean all the spores. After It has dried completely, I started by slightly cleaning it up with a sandpaper sponge, then dusting off any particles, so I can seal it. I used Rustoleum Clear Matte seen below…


After 24 hrs, the sealer was dry. I sprayed on a beautiful ‘Aqua’. You can see the pot in some places were definitely ready to corrode. I had applied the sealer on the inside and the outside of the pot before and after painting it aqua.


I had all these gems already from my other project. So after 24 hrs when the aqua dried, I applied the sealer to the outside and waited a full 24 hrs for it to dry, I started adding the gems. USA, LLC 





I used, for the first time, I tried this Gorilla Sealant in clear. It states 30 min. and its rain/shower ready….we shall see….

strawberry-pot-makeover-crafts-gardening-repurposing-upcycling (1).jpg


JOANN Stores 

I liked that I cut the tip the size I wanted, nice and small dabs.strawberry-pot-makeover-crafts-gardening-repurposing-upcycling-2

This glue didn’t go on tacky, so the gems would slide down. The glue takes only 30 minutes to dry. So I laid the pot on its side and started with one section at a time, wait 30 minutes , rotated the pot just a little, do another section, wait 30 minutes, and so on and so on.

Now what I have learned since posting this….the gems will avoid this just put a little piece of painters tap  to hold it on.

strawberry-pot-makeover-crafts-gardening-repurposing-upcycling (3).jpg

When I finished, I put it outside to dry. It took such a long time waiting in between. But the doggies got to go on 2 walks tonight, so we’re happy. I don’t believe this glue is what I should have used on this type of project.


But when it was all dry, I couldn’t wait to put plants in it. I had already decided to use succulents in this project also. I had done the Up Cycled Fountain by using the baby succulents that are starting to grow good re planting size. Also, I knew the pot would last longer with the succulents in them.
I added the soil for the succulents in pot. I added water to the soil


I made a bit of mess putting the plants in. I had filled the ‘pockets’ with too much soil prior to adding the plants. So I made more work for myself having to remove the soil in the pockets.

A good solution for watering your plants. Take a piece of pvc pipe, the length plus 2 inches, and drill holes up and down the sides, put a little piece of duck tape over the bottom. This is so when you stick the pipe all the way down, the dirt doesn’t collect up the pipe and clog it. You push the pipe all the way down to the bottom, leaving about a inch or two on top. Water through the pipe, which with the holes the water will leach out in different levels from the holes.

What’s so great about succulents is they are so easy to grow and start new plants. Just cut off a piece from another succulent, and put inside the soil…in a short time, it will start growing. That’s what I did to the succulent above.

strawberry-potstrawberry-pot-makeover-crafts-gardening-repurposing-upcycling (7).jpg

I’m happy with it! This pretty makeover for this strawberry pot gave it new life, and looks so pretty with the solar light in center. So go grab that strawberry pot and start creating……so much fun! See below 1 month later they are all growing.


Thank you for looking!!! USA, LLC


24 thoughts on “Strawberry Pot Makeover”

  1. Wow, this is really artistic and creative. Love it!

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    1. You are so sweet Dandelion. It’s good paint for sure. Lasts longer than the Krylon outside. My pot is still looking as good as it was! Thank you so much for dropping by!❤️️☺️


    1. Blue happens to be my favorite color….Blue in all shades are beautiful. I would love to see a pic of your garden! I’m heading over to your post now. Thanks for visiting my post!❤️️☺️❤️️

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