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Bathroom Makeover

My home…it was/is living in the 80’s….The bathrooms are  fake marble countertops with matching sinks attached.The size of the countertop and vanity…are not the normal size. This is what they look like….Yuck


So, I came up with a way less expensive idea for them. Reface instead of replace….now that sounds like a great option. If new counter top, sink, and vanity is out of the question, then this will work great for you.

I can’t stress how important it is to completely sand….removing the sheen…giving it some tooth for the primer.
The first thing I did was to paint the sink white. I used  Rustoleum Tub and Tile  very inexpensive and so easy to use. Be sure to have fans on, windows open and wear a mask.This odor is strong!!! I put on 2 coats, letting it dry thoroughly between each coat. It came out so smooth. It has a gloss look, but what a improvement.
See how much better the sink looked!!

Tip  Be sure to follow the steps to the letter! Sanding the surface is so important. Just being sure I let it completely dry between coats…I let it dry in between coats for a full day in between. I cannot stress how important that is, if you want it to hold up. Let it cure a few days before using. It takes 2 weeks to cure completely so don’t use any harsh chemicals on it before it cures. In another house I put this on some tile in a bathroom, it lasted 15 years! So that’s why I chose this product.


I left about a inch all around the top. This is because I will put the counter top paint there, looks much neater when done. I also tore out the side panel…

I went with Giani White Diamond Counter top Paint.
It is really easy to apply. The kit comes complete with rollers, sponges and everything you will need. I don’t have pics of the technique I used since I just started this site. But I did take a pic of how I began. I taped off the edges around the counter. I took out the faucet, since I was replacing it anyway. The black primer was a improvement! Notice where I took it 1 inch around the top of sink.


The next step was sponging on the white limestone, then the other minerals. When you have it like you want it….let it dry overnight. Then you apply 2-3 topcoats (which is included) Again, I cannot stress to you how important it is for the top coats to dry completely before reapplying another coat. When you put the first top coat on….you can sprinkle with Extra Fine Glitter. But…when it’s all dry…the surface where the glitter is must be smooth, if it dried with some glitter sticking out from the top of the topcoat, lightly sand till smooth, wipe then apply another coat of the top coat.

bath-vanity-makeover-bathroom-ideas (6).jpg

Then I put in some carrera stone molding along the top edge…added a new faucet, and there you go…done…well almost. Now the vanity. I sanded them down a bit to give them tooth for the paint. I then painted the baskets with Rustoleum Aged Grey Chalk Paint.  I added to one end some of the color that matches my shower curtain…but only on one end, in case I ever change it out…here is my shower curtain..


I just love this shower curtain!!! Well this is the result…

bath-vanity-makeover-bathroom-ideas (8).jpg

I then replaced the door and drawer pulls
The counter top looks yellow…..just the pic….
I am so sorry I didn’t have the pics showing the steps. But I will be doing my kitchen counter tops and will post step to step tutorials and pics.
If you have any questions….happy to answer…thank you for looking!

You can purchase the Giani Countertop Kit thru Amazon, this is where I found both products at the lowest price…

If you decide to do this….I would love to see the before and afters. Thank you and Enjoy!

59 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover”

      1. Change it so easy honey. If you do decide to do it, I will help you step to step and give you some tips. The best part is you can’t make a mistake, cause you can go over it with the black and retry.

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      1. Oh, mine was gross! Did yo notice I did the sink white? Oly up to 1″ around the sink. Then I went down with the countertop paint the 1″ into sink. It looks professional this way….wow! I had so many compliments from everyone who saw it! That tub and tile paint is great to for the tub tile and bath color change.

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      1. Thank you Kelley, yes the photos are taken by me. I love photography, I started a couple years ago learning nature and Wildlife photography. The camera really brings the details out that I never noticed before, like with wildlife. I retired from the factory world and can pursue my passion of photography. I am glad you enjoy them.

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      2. Thank you so much. It is nice to hear that my work is appreciated by others. Of course I do not think of it as work. They say if you do something you love you will never work a day in your life.

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