Simple To Create Concrete Planters


Forget the heavy price tags on concrete planters. You can make these incredibly easy and fast in 4 simple steps!

Here is what you need:

  • Landscape block adhesive
  • 4 pavers for sides (size can vary to create a rectangle or square)
  • Paver(s) for bottoms (size may vary based on size of sides)

Now let me show you how it’s done:

Step 1. Put pavers together without adhesive to make sure the size and shape are what you want.

cement blocks

Step 2. Use landscape block adhesive to attach the  pavers together. Run a thin bead of adhesive along the edges, press pavers together, then let sit for 24 hours. Clamps shouldn’t be needed.


3. Glue the bottom piece on using the same method as for the sides. However, leave a few gaps between the adhesive beads so excess water can drain.

4. Wait until glue dries completely, then add your favorite plants and enjoy!

There are so many ways to design and paint these planters. Set 3 or 4 near your porch with your house number painted on each one, something like this I found on pinterest.


Doesn’t the tiles look pretty! USA, LLC


22 thoughts on “Simple To Create Concrete Planters”

  1. Oh, I remember these! They are cool. It the past, for plants that happened to look good while still in their black vinyl nursery cans, but that I did not want to plant permanently, I staked bricks around them to obscure the black vinyl, and also to shade it so that it did not get too hot for the roots when exposed to sunlight. It was temporary though, so was not glued together. Also, it was done only on the visible side if it was up against something else.

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  2. Fantastic idea…so simple and effective. I’m definitely going to give these a try. I once tried making planters using a concrete and hypertufa mix. Was really hard work, and to be honest, a bit of a fail. The concrete pavers achieve a better result without the angst. 🙂

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