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Awesome Hacks

I’ve posted some hacks for all around the house, but these are sooo awesome, and I just had to share with you!




























This next one is a good idea also. You can use a rake to hold many things. I hung one up out by my barbecue to hold all the utensils. Or another I decorated with flowers.



I cannot tell you how many times I have dropped a earring….somewhere on the ground. This idea is a good one too!

Did any of these ideas help you out. Let me know!! USA, LLC 




70 thoughts on “Awesome Hacks”

  1. I’m reblogging this on Stone in the Road! I LOVE these tips! Absolutely loved the toilet paper rolls for Xmas paper, the rake head, the bread tie for tape… the list goes on! Oh! Oil and a screwdriver? Brilliant! As soon as I get on my big computer this will be reblogged, my iPad is acting up! I need a hack for it! Cool post, Linda! Really great hacks!

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  2. I like the yarn tub idea! Heaven knows I have tub after tub of yarn and need more organization when crocheting! I have an idea for garment bag use and I have one in my closet for just wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags! Keeps them all nice and neat and right where I know they are! 🙂

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      1. Pirates run in my family. I lived on Blackbeard Island, I am from the coast of Georgia and was a Pirate cheerleader in highschool. I am a member of the Pirates of the Spanish Main and head of The Pirate Nation. TMI? lol My mother says we were Buccaneers, but that’s just pirates getting paid. lol

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  3. I will definitely use that bread tab on the sticky tape. Christmas gift wrapping frustration ended! And that emptied out sun screen container for our valuables at the beach. That’ll also protect our phone from sand. Thank you – great tips.

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  4. These are fantastic! Quite a few I’m going to try out, and a brilliant tip about the can opener on blister packs as those are notoriously difficult even with sturdy scissors! Thanks for sharing =]
    Caz x

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