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Springtime Bottle

Spring will soon be in the air! This is a really sweet craft project for spring that is very easy to do. This would be a fun project for your children to make.

To make this Springtime Bottle all you need is:

  1. Bottle  (you can use any glass bottle, or even a vase)
  2. 1/2 Napkin
  3. Mod Podge
  4.  Raffia ribbon
  5.  Jewels
  6.  Foam Brush

You can purchase all these items (except the mod podge) at a dollar store.

I found these adorable napkins at the dollar store…couldn’t resist the napkins and matching plates….they are so pretty! I only used half a napkin for this project.


I started by cutting one napkin in half. It was the perfect size to fit from the bottom of bottle up to the neck. I cut a rectangle the same length of the neck, and enough to wrap around the whole neck of the bottle. I applied the Mod Podged to the neck , added the rectangle piece, and wrapped around neck


I then took a foam brush and applied some Mod podge to the bottle. I then laid the half napkin face down and placed the bottle on top. I then slowly rolled the bottle over the napkin.I tucked the ends at the bottom of bottle and applied mod podge.


When you wrapped the bottle, apply Mod podge over the entire bottle. While you are waiting for it to dry…

I wanted to somehow add a pic of the baby. I thought of a tag..So what I took a small piece of scrapbook paper that matched the napkin. I then added the Mod Podge to the back of the scrapbook paper. I cut out a flower from the pattern on the napkin that was the perfect size of the picture I had.I wasn’t sure which flower I was going to use so I added Mod podge to both, the let dry. This made them stiffer, and a lot easier to cut out.


This one is the perfect size…I cut out the flower


I cut out the flower. I put mod podge on the top of the piece of scrapbook paper,then  placed the flower on top, and covered with the mod podge.


I glued on a little sparkly flower (also from a dollar store). On the back of the flower, I glued on the pic of baby. Then I surrounded it with rhinestones.


Then I wrapped the 2 different raffia around the neck of the bottle.4

This is the finished bottle with flower…


This is the bottle with the flower turned around to show baby!

springtime-bottle-for-the-new-mommy--crafts-decoupage-seasonal-holiday-decor.1 (1).jpg

You can add any pic or whatever else you want to use as a tag…You can even do without a tag.

It is really amazing what you can do with a empty bottle and Mod Podge. USA, LLC 


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