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Up Cycled Computer Chair

My computer chair was a eyesore in my family room. Stood out like a sore thumb. So I took some material that matched the rooms decor….If you would like to update your computer chair it is so easy.


This is a very easy makeover I did on my computer chair. NO Sewing!!! I first added a foam padding to the seat. (extra comfort). I used about 1 1/2 Yards on this chair. I covered the seat with fabric, leaving approx 2″ of fabric on each side to be stapled under the seat.
I then took fabric and laid it over the top of chair. I trimmed off excess material. I didn’t want to sew anything so I made to seams in the back as I pulled the material under and stapled. This next part I did sew because I wanted a bow on the back. I cut 2 long strips of the fabric 3 “wide. I glued them on each ‘seam’ on the back, and made a bow.

trash-to-treasure-computer-chair-painted-furniture-reupholster.1 (1).jpg

Now it looks like it belongs in the family room!

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10 thoughts on “Up Cycled Computer Chair”

    1. I know Phoebe, I wish I would have too. It was one of those moments when I had the fabric in one hand wondering what to do with it, and spied my computer chair. I didn’t know if it would work, and kinda started trying it out, and didn’t stop.
      I do usually always have a tutorial on my projects. If you really would like to try this, let me know!


      1. I’m fairly crafty so I don’t want you to have to go to the trouble of a tutorial…I have these two stage prop chairs that I can recover and if I do a bad job it’s not tragedy. Did you use a staple gun on your office chair or just stapled the fabric to itself? My prop chairs are wooden so I’m thinking I will staple-gun the fabric over a cushion right to the bottom , underneath where it wouldn’t show.
        The backs might be a problem but as I said they were all of five dollars for the two of them so I can experiment. Right now I’m practicing netting with cotton twine so I can make string net bags, that has been lotsa fun! Be well, and again thanks for a great and useful blog!


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      2. Hi Phoebe, I used staple gun for the seating. I used a glue gun for the back. The string net bags sound cool!!! Are you going to be posting the tutorial??


  1. I did this to my sons chair a few years ago, was surprisingly easy to wing it for a half decent look. he now is a teen and has a fancy mess back chair.
    I love my good old thrifted grey fabric chair. it has a few repair areas where I’ve had to sew, not an eye sore yet and far from ready for the dump!

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    1. That is so awesome Dandelion! On the computer chair you could easiely spray paint gold on the bottom. Make it fancy! I love re purposing chairs! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND


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